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Jan.14th- MIAMI with Fred and Silvina Camara
Mar.25th- COLORADO with Fred and Silvina Camara
Apr.17th- LIMA Full Time Program with Fred
Apr.22nd- LIMA Part Time Program with Fred and Alexander Landazuri
May 15th- LIMA  Advanced Program with Fred 
June 24th- PANAMA CITY with Fred and Laurie Albarran
July 8th - MIAMI with Fred 
Aug.5th- COLORADO with Fred 
August 25th - COLORADO Yoga Nutrition and Health Coach Certification with Fred 
Sept.9th- ARUBA with Fred and Laurie Albarran
Oct.2nd- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC with Fred and Laurie Albarran
Nov.4th- BOGOTA with Fred

Yoga is for Everyone - Fred Busch Yoga Teacher Training

Fred Busch is an internationally recognized Master of Power Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been directing Yoga Teacher Training Programs around the world for over 15 Years. Fred teaches his Yoga and Nutrition Health Coach Trainings internationally in Miami, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, London, Lima, Bogota, Panama and others!

Fred Busch talks about why he started Yoga and his passion for Teaching


Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is designed to satisfy all levels of Yoga Practitioners from Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced through the use of intelligently applied variations. Newer students are encouraged to take it easy and rest a lot until endurance and strength are steadily improved.

200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs Available!

200 Hour Teacher Trainings with Fred Busch successfully train Yoga Teachers and students who want to deepen their practice and mastery of Yoga. The students learn about different styles of Yoga like Vinyasa, Hot Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Therapeutic Yoga, Healing Sequences, Prenatal Yoga and subjects like Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Phylosophy, Energetic Systems, Prana, Aura, Chakras, Mudras, Nadis, Koshas, Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers, Nutrition with the Fred Busch Famous Food Talk and much more!

500 Hour Module Advanced Certification will teach the students how to master their knowledge and skills in the themes Fred Busch Healing Sequences™ and Yoga Therapy, Alignments and Adjustments Skills, Yoga Philosophy and Energetic Systems.

Fred Busch YogaNutritionist™  Health Coach Certification is a unique program for Yoga Teachers who want to be effective life coaches and learn the science of eating intelligently. Fred Busch's YogaNutritionist™ Certification contains the most powerful manual ever written about Nutrition and Biology and focuses on fundamental principles of health and wellbeing. This course is for those interested in being experts in the field of Nutrition and Wellness, or for those interested in learning the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum on Food, Exercise, and Living Skills.

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Dec.2nd – MONTEVIDEO with Fred and Luana Hervier

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Back Pain Solution

book1Fred Busch is one of the world's leading authorities on Back Pain,
the author of The Lower Back Bible and his program is highly successful.

If you have been told you need surgery for your lower back
and you don't want to do surgery contact Fred for
an online consultation at 305.606.2169





Yoga Ya! Volumes I and II

bookaPower Yoga with Fred Busch
Volume I
30 Minutes Level 1

Volume II
57 Minutes Level 1-2

This Two- Volume Fred Busch Power Yoga DVD set is in English and Spanish!
Join Fred at Sunrise as he leads you through a meditation and yoga sequences of two lengths.



  • shoulder joint vs hip joint injuries

    Shoulder Joint Vs Hip Joint Injuries –
    A Teacher Training Anatomy Lesson

    Yoga Anatomy by Fred Busch – Why are Shoulder Joint Injuries so much more common than hip injuries?


    Yoga Anatomy - Shoulder Joint Injuries

    It is not a coincidence that we find so many more injuries in the shoulder joint than the hip joint in Yoga.  All yoga teachers have observed that it is more common to see students with limitations and pain in the shoulder as opposed to the hip although they are both the same class of joint.

    Both Shoulder and Hip Joints are what as known as Ball and Socket Joints, which describes their design.  Each has a head which fits into a socket that then allows for a wide range of motion given the correct conditions.  What is the big difference then?  Why do so many more shoulders suffer in yoga?  The answer lies in the scapula.

    The scapula is where the head of the humerus fits into.  The acetabulum in the hip joint is where the femur fits in.  The main difference is the scapula’s range of motion.  Because the scapula moves so much it creates a very huge range of motion potential for the arm.

    There is a rule in anatomy that says…the more range of motion the more potential for injury.  This is due to the fact that more things you can do the more ways you can get into structural trouble and injure yourself.

    So the key to prevention of injuries is to take care and more slowly in asana practice.  Moving slow is what advanced Yogi’s do.  Moving fast is for beginners.  Also if you already have a shoulder injury you can consider employing a Fred Busch Healing Sequence for the Shoulder Joint…which is a series of sequences and variations designed by Fred Busch to heal the shoulder within the context of daily practice.