Watch Fred tell how he became a yogi, his passion for teaching yoga, and yoga's benefits.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200 and 500 Hour Programs with Fred Busch and Conscious Living Health Coach Certifications

Fred Busch is an internationally recognized Master of Power Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Meditation and has been directing Yoga Teacher Training Programs around the world for almost two decades. Fred teaches his Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga, Raja Yoga Meditation and his Conscious Living Health Coach Trainings internationally in London, Miami, New York, Denver, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima, Bogota, Panama City and other great cities!

Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is designed to satisfy all levels of Yoga Practitioners from Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced through the use of intelligently applied variations. Newer students are encouraged to take it easy and rest a lot until endurance and strength are steadily improved.

200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs Available!

200 Hour Teacher Trainings with Fred Busch successfully train Yoga Teachers and students who want to deepen their practice and mastery of Yoga. The students learn about different styles of Yoga like Vinyasa, Hot Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Therapeutic Yoga, Healing Sequences, Prenatal Yoga and subjects like Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Phylosophy, Energetic Systems, Prana, Aura, Chakras, Mudras, Nadis, Koshas, Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers, Nutrition with the Fred Busch Famous Food Talk and much more!

We are very happy to announce that after working for the last two years we are finally ready to unveil the Advanced 300/500 Hour Module for Mastery of Raja Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living... We will run this training for the time ever in May of 2017 in Lima   Until now i have never used the word ADVANCED to describe anything i do or anything i teach... i have always used the word intermediate. But this is an advanced training without question as it is going to teach you the real meaning and method of Yoga Meditation- Raja Yoga. The materials and main text book informing this training are beyond description in their power and capacity to transform our life and marshall the power of the mind to manifest a higher destiny.   28 Day Intensive Raja Yoga and Conscious Living Teacher Training with Fred Busch. This is a program focused almost exclusively on Meditation and Raja Yoga. Working systematically through the most powerful translations Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limb Ashtanga Yoga Path, students will learn the real Yogic Techniques of Meditation. In addition to the focus on Meditation and Samadhi, this training will also develop personal practice of Asana, as well as have modules on Conscious Living and Health Coaching.

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Fred Busch Teacher Training Calendar



Jan.14th- MIAMI with Fred and Silvina Camara
Mar.4th- BUENOS AIRES with Fred, and Silvina Camara.
Mar.25th- COLORADO 17 Day with Fred
Apr.17th- LIMA Full Time Program with Fred
Apr.22nd- LIMA Part Time Program with Fred and Alexander Landazuri
May 15th- LIMA  Advanced Program with Fred
June 24th- PANAMA CITY with Fred and Laurie Albarran
July 8th- MIAMI with Fred and Silvina Camara
Aug.5th- COLORADO 17 Day with Fred and Silvina Camara
Aug.25th- COLORADO 10 Day Yoga Nutrition Health Coach with Fred
Sept.9th- ARUBA with Fred and Laurie Albarran
Oct.2nd- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC with Fred and Laurie Albarran
Nov.4th- BOGOTA with Fred
Dec.2nd – MONTEVIDEO with Fred and Silvina Camara    

Back Pain Solution

book1Fred Busch is one of the world's leading authorities on Back Pain, the author of The Lower Back Bible and his program is highly successful.

If you have been told you need surgery for your lower back and you don't want to do surgery contact Fred for a consultation when he is in Miami. 786.273.9082 or 305.606.2169


Yoga Ya! Volumes I and II

bookaPower Yoga with Fred Busch This Two- Volume Fred Busch Power Yoga DVD set is in English and Spanish! Join Fred at Sunrise as he leads you through a meditation and yoga sequences of two lengths.
  • Volume I 30 Minutes Level 1
  • Volume II 57 Minutes Level 1-2

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  • Top 5 Secrets to Success on Spiritual Path

    Top 5 Secrets to Success on Spiritual Path by Fred Busch

    The Fred Busch Keys to Success presented here offer you the simplest way to transform your daily life so that it becomes a vehicle for a more fulfilled spiritual path experienced as more peace in the present moment and a more powerful future. Daily Exercise makes us stronger physically which also makes us stronger mentally which reinforces our will. Intelligent eating, which is the focus of this program provides the body with the optimal environement to heal and build stronger muscles, and Awareness over our thinking minds all help to create a positive cycle that makes us stronger and healthier and more fulfilled each day!

    1. Daily Exercise -Yoga or Swimming are the best and most comprehensive regimens that offer a lifetime of practice due to their non-repititive stress nature. Exercise every day provides benefits to your cardiovascular and immune systems, while helping the blood detoxify and oxygenating the body. There is no way to overstate the value of daily exercise. Exercising for 20-90 minutes each day with no days off ever is ideal. Only in circumstances of bodily fever or severe illness would we ever skip a day of our practice.

    2. Meditation – Yoga Meditation is different from all other forms of meditation in both it’s intention and execution. With Yoga Meditation we discover the role that the subconscous mind plays in the direction of your life and future. We learn that we have been programming ourselves without knowing it with very limiting and innacurate ways of navigating the world. Yoga’s approach to meditation as outlined by Patanjali, and which will be explained by Fred during the program offers a way to accuss the subconscious mind so that we can become masters of our own destiny and experience Samadhi, or identification with the Absolute. 10-60 minutes

    3. Awareness – Awareness is the most important skill on the spiritual path! Awareness is like light 🙂 No Self-Judgement Self Judgement is very different from Self-Analysis! Sense of Humor -Laughing and finding the humor in things is very important! Gratitude – Gratitdue is all powerful. No negative emotion can be sustaineunder the light of gratitude. Compassion – Compassion for ourselves is how we safe energy to be more aware next time! Unconditional Love for YOURSELF is very important! This love has NO CONDITIONS. And you deserve it! 24 hours a day 🙂

    4. Early Bedtime – Sleeping enough is one of the most important parts of our regimen. Taking naps is good if you are able to… but the best way to approach sleep is to prioritize it completely and to go to sleep as early as possible so that you can wake up early and be positive and productive. Late at night is when many of our cravings arise so if we are sleeping then we are immune to this!

    5. Eat Intelligently and Satisfy Cravings in a Smart Way – Awareness about food and the relationship between food and wellbeing is fundamental and deserves to be at the very top of your awareness. Have no fear of cravings! Cravings are natural especially for sugar. All of us have what may be called a ‘Sugar Tooth’ because we are all naturally fruit eaters and crave the simple sugars in fruit. By satisfying your cravings for sugar in an intelligent way by eating a lot of fruit all the time… you will feel satiated but instead of feeling sick later you will feel charged with electromagnetic energy and in peace!

  • Paulina Rubio and Fred Busch Teaching Yoga

    Paulina Rubio – Superstar Performer is also a dedicated practitioner of Yoga!

    Paulina Rubio and Fred Busch on Univision.  Paulina has always been a dedicated student of Fred Busch for many years.  Fred credit’s Paulina’s discipline for Yoga and awareness about she eats for why she always looks so great!

    Univision writes, “El maestro yogi de Pau Rubio nos visitó en el estudio y nos demostró esa efectiva rutina que la ‘Chica Dorada’ hace para encontrar su centro y fortalecer su paz espiritual.”

    Here is the complete segment of Fred Busch and Paulina Rubio teaching Yoga that was featured on Univision!

    That was my first time on TV that was broadcast around the world live! Is a big difference because I could feel the pressure of it being live there are no second takes!! I’m pretty sure my Spanish was functional thank goodness! Despierta America is a great name!

    What I like most about exposure like this, besides the obvious ego gratification, is that the more people learn about yoga and eating smarter, the less suffering we will see on this planet. I am grateful to have a friend and student like Paulina for her vision and for these amazing opportunities to plant seeds about the power of yoga!!

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