Watch Fred tell how he became a yogi, his passion for teaching yoga, and yoga's benefits.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200 and 500 Hour and YogaNutritionist™ Health Coach Certifications

Fred Busch is an internationally recognized Master of Power Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been directing Yoga Teacher Training Programs around the world for over 15 Years. Fred teaches his Yoga and Nutrition Health Coach Trainings internationally in Miami, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, London, Lima, Bogota, Panama and others!

Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is designed to satisfy all levels of Yoga Practitioners from Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced through the use of intelligently applied variations. Newer students are encouraged to take it easy and rest a lot until endurance and strength are steadily improved.

200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Programs Available!

200 Hour Teacher Trainings with Fred Busch successfully train Yoga Teachers and students who want to deepen their practice and mastery of Yoga. The students learn about different styles of Yoga like Vinyasa, Hot Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Therapeutic Yoga, Healing Sequences, Prenatal Yoga and subjects like Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Phylosophy, Energetic Systems, Prana, Aura, Chakras, Mudras, Nadis, Koshas, Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers, Nutrition with the Fred Busch Famous Food Talk and much more!

500 Hour Module Advanced Certification will teach the students how to master their knowledge and skills in the themes Fred Busch Healing Sequences™ and Yoga Therapy, Alignments and Adjustments Skills, Yoga Philosophy and Energetic Systems.

Fred Busch YogaNutritionist™ Health Coach Certification is a unique program for Yoga Teachers who want to be effective life coaches and learn the science of eating intelligently. Fred Busch's YogaNutritionist™ Certification contains the most powerful manual ever written about Nutrition and Biology and focuses on fundamental principles of health and wellbeing. This course is for those interested in being experts in the field of Nutrition and Wellness, or for those interested in learning the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum on Food, Exercise, and Living Skills.

For questions or to register please email miami yoga fred busch's power blog


Fred Busch Teacher Training Calendar




January 9th – January 31st at Fred Busch's Miami Yoga, MIAMI

March 5th – March 21st at Anahata Yoga, GUAYAQUIL

March 25th – April 10th at Salamadhi Ranch, COLORADO

April 16th – May 12th at Lima Yoga, LIMA

May 16 - June 12th at Lima Yoga, LIMA

July 9th – July 31st at Fred Busch's Miami Yoga, MIAMI

August 5th – August 21st at Salamadhi Ranch, COLORADO

September 10th – October 1st at Fred Busch's Miami Yoga, MIAMI

For questions and/or information about schedule please email or call (305) 606-2169

Back Pain Solution

book1Fred Busch is one of the world's leading authorities on Back Pain, the author of The Lower Back Bible and his program is highly successful.

If you have been told you need surgery for your lower back and you don't want to do surgery contact Fred for a consultation when he is in Miami. 786.273.9082 or 305.606.2169


Yoga Ya! Volumes I and II

bookaPower Yoga with Fred Busch This Two- Volume Fred Busch Power Yoga DVD set is in English and Spanish! Join Fred at Sunrise as he leads you through a meditation and yoga sequences of two lengths.
  • Volume I 30 Minutes Level 1
  • Volume II 57 Minutes Level 1-2

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  • Yoga Teacher Trainings Latin America – South America, Central America, Caribbean


    Yoga Teacher Training Buenos Aires

    Teacher Training Latin America

    Yoga Teacher Trainings in Latin America with Power Yoga and Nutrition Master Fred Busch

    Fred Busch’s Teacher Training Latin America Tour Upcoming Dates in South America and Central American Coutries for 2016 and 2017!  Join Fred and some of Latin America’s very best Masters to learn how to be a Yoga Teacher and how to advance your practice to the highest level.

    Oct 15th- Nov 3th, 2016 – Buenos Aires, Argentina with Fred Busch, Luana Hervier and Silvina Camara hosted by Pura Spacio Yoga Studio

    November 4th – November 25th, 2016 – at Natural Yoga Bogota, Colombia with Fred Busch

    January 14th – February 4th,  2017 – at Miami Yoga -Miami, Florida with Fred Busch and Silvina Camara

    March 4th- March 25th 2017 – Buenos Aires, Argentina with Fred, Luana Hervier and Silvina Camara

    April 17th-  May 14th, 2017 at Lima Yoga in Lima, Peru

    June 24th – July 14th – Panama City, Panama with Laurie Virginia


    Fred es uno de los maestros más altos en los Estados Unidos y uno de los pocos que también tener fluidez en español. Fred empezó a entrenar profesores  en el 2001, formando a la mayoría de los profesores de power yoga en Miami, Lima, Bogota, y muchos más, quienes se encuentran actualmente dictando exitosamente sus clases en diferentes estudios de la ciudades.
    Los estodios estan infinitamente agradecidos por los excelentes instructores que ha formado y por su gran y valiosa contribución al desarrollo del Yoga en estas ciudades.
    Profesor registrado con el título E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) ante el Yoga Alliance. Es autor de “A Clear and Definite Path” y “The Lower Back Bible” y es productor de diversos dvds de Yoga. Fred es especialista en el uso de secuencias terapéuticas de Yoga, alimentación saludable, masaje terapéutico y Shiatsu. Fundador y director de Brickell Hot Yoga en Miami, Florida, desde hace 13 años prepara profesores de yoga alrededor del mundo: Miami, New York, Londres, Paris, Malta, Bogotá y Lima, Perú, siendo su programa uno de los más reconocidos y completos en el mercado actual. En el 2008 dirigió en Lima el primer teacher training avalado por el Yoga Alliance en Perú, lo que marcó un inicio para el crecimiento de la comunidad de Yoga en esta ciudad, pues ha formado unos 90 profesores, muchos de los cuales imparten exitosamente clases en LimaYoga y otros centros. Actualmente dirige retiros de Yoga en India, Kenya y en su nuevo rancho-retiro Salamadhi, en Colorado.

    Do you want to attend a Yoga Instructor Course in Latin America?
    Latin America has many attractive qualities for attending Teacher’s Trainings and Transformations!  The wonderful climate and access to the highest quality fruits makes for a truly transformative environment!  From the ruins of Machu Picchu to the beaches of Aruba the amazing sights and History of the Dominican Republic and Buenos Aires, there are so many reasons to come to Latin America for your Training!


    Why Attend a Fred Busch Yoga Training?
    To hear a few of the reasons why it may be the perfect time to just go for a Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Latin America… check out some of these Fred Busch testimonials!


    International co-Faculty

    Laurie Albarron – Founder of Asana Yoga Center in Isla Margarita, Venezuala.  Asana Yoga Center nace con la intención de desarrollar constantemente actividades relacionadas con disciplinas como el Yoga, Aero-yoga, Pilates, Meditación, entre otras, y servir de centro de difusión y enseñanza de diversas herramientas que contribuyan a mejorar la calidad de vida de los habitantes de esta región, y sus visitantes.
    Nuestra propuesta de valor es ofrecer un espacio agradable que concentre servicios y actividades que promuevan un estilo de vida saludable, amigable con el medio ambiente, y que generen un cambio positivo en nuestro entorno, a través de la transmisión de conocimientos en diversas áreas del ámbito físico y espiritual.


    Luana Hervier – Check out everything about Luana Hervier, one of the Latin America’s leaders in the field of Yoga and Nutrition.  Luana’s Television Show Luana Living and her book titled the same are transformational.


    Silvina Camara – Director of Miami Yoga and international vocal artist.  Silvina is Fred Busch’s most senior student and leading teacher in Miami.  Silvina is from Argentina and leads retreats internationally.

  • Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga in Miami All July

    Fred Busch Teaching Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 10:30am & Wednesdays 6:30pm

    Fred Busch Yoga

    Fred Busch is Teaching Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday 10:30am and Wednesday 6:30pm for entire month of July!  Join Fred or any of the absolutely amazing teachers at Miami Yoga for any class that fits your schedule!

    Hey everyone! We are so excited to announce that Fred is in Miami in July! While Fred is in Miami during his Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training, he will be teaching public classes at his home studio Miami Yoga!

    Have you taken yoga before with different teachers?  Have you been experimenting with different styles of yoga looking for the one that resonates most with you?  Check out one of Fred Busch’s public classes this month and see for yourself why Fred Busch Power Yoga is taught all over the world.

    Want to lose weight?  Want to get into better shape than ever?  Want to learn how to meditate? There are many dimensions to yoga and the power of yoga brings benefits to many parts of our lives…some of them not foreseeable!

    Join us at Miami Yoga in the Roads!  We are very close to Brickell and conveniently located for Coral Gables and Coconut Grove as well as Miami Beach!


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