A Clear and Definite Path

A Clear and Definite Path by Fred Busch

I have made a discovery that has improved every aspect of my life. I wrote a book to share this discovery with people and I have done it in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.

What I am talking about is essentially a new lifestyle; one that allows you to take control and live life to the fullest. For the past five years, I have been practicing Yoga every day and eating a plant based diet. I am far stronger now than I have ever been and I am getting stronger and healthier every day – physically, mentally and spiritually. While everyone else seems to get older as time passes, I feel as if I am getting younger. Practicing Yoga everyday, I am very in touch with my capacities on a daily basis and the transformation I’ve experienced is incredible.

When a regular Yoga practice is coupled with the right diet, the affects are astounding. As I started to transform my diet to one with more raw food I felt a dramatic changes. It was like I had a different body. I would do a pose in my Yoga practice that days before seemed impossible. I have taught thousands of Yoga classes and am familiar with how the average body progresses. Since I have begun eating more Raw and all plant based, I have progressed more in my physical practice than most people achieve in a lifetime. I watch the same changes in my students who have joined me in this intelligent approach to food.

I realize that both of these practices may be rather foreign to many readers, but I encourage people to get over any preconceived notions and unfounded skepticism they may have until they know a little more. The fact that most people have not yet adopted Yoga and Plant Based mostly raw food is best reason to try!. Look around. As a species, we are sick and overweight, depressed and stressed out. Sixty million Americans are obese. Physical and psychological ailments unique to humans are on the rise. Normal isn’t healthy right now; it is time for a different path and this is it.

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