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Introduction to the healing benefits of Hot Yoga and Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power and Hot Core Vinyasa Yoga in Miami

Hot Yoga in Miami at Brickell Yogashala
All classes at Brickell Yoga are Hot Yoga. Hot Yoga increases tone for the body, helps weight loss and detoxification, fights insomnia and anxiety, amongst other big benefits. Hot Yoga combines the benefits and poses of Power Yoga and adds the benefits of a little extra heat! for info on local Hot Yoga Classes in Miami

By adding heat to our rooms we increase the sweating and detox benefits of Yoga. The benefits of yoga are enormous, and adding a little heat (99 Degrees rather than Bikram’s 105 Degrees) we are able to access the muscles differently and increase flexibility in shorter periods of time.

Poses like Downward Dog, Fore arm stand, Hand stand, Push ups, Core Exercises and other arm strength poses are INCLUDED as optional postures in Hot Yoga Classes in Brickell, which is the financial district of Downtown Miami.

Terminology for hot yoga and Bikram yoga is not interchangeable. They are different practices.
Bikram yoga originated with yogi Bikram Choudhury in 1974. Choudhury developed a series of 26 asanas to be performed in a particular sequence in a heated room of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The classes are usually 90-minutes long and include specialized breathing exercises as well.
Hot yoga is a form of Hatha yoga performed in a heated room. Practitioners of this style still experience many yoga benefits. Instructors of hot yoga are not always trained in the Bikram method, and don’t have to be to teach hot yoga.
The Benefits of Heat
Practitioners of hot yoga believe the heat extends the ability of the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Immersing yourself in hot yoga practice is said to:
release toxins
improve flexibility and range of motion
increase the chances of weight loss
develop muscle tone
build the immune system
Proponents of the practice also believe that hot yoga exercise reduces the symptoms of certain chronic illnesses, such as thyroid disorders, arthritis and circulatory problems.