Africa Yoga Safari

Africa Yoga Safari Retreat

Luxury Eco Yoga Safari in Kenya!

Africa Yoga Safari is a luxury adventure that fuses the best of Africa and Yoga into a 9 day wildlife Safari. Created by internationally renowned Yoga leader Fred Busch, this one-of-kind Safari takes participants into the awe-inspiring east African Savannah, home of lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras. Daily yoga practice, vegetarian cuisine and premier wildlife viewing combine on this truly epic vacation.

Travel to exotic and beautiful Kenya, explore world famous Game Reserves, practice yoga and support Eco jobs in rural Africa. The parks we are visiting are truly stunning. Daily yoga with masterful instructors every morning before Safari, including healing yoga sequence certification and evening restorative if desired. Swahili instruction and practice throughout the day. This is an excellent opportunity for world-class wildlife photography, while getting in shape and feeling better.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Explore another continent with a great group of people. Our well-trained Vegetarian Chef creates all of your meals. Accommodations are in Luxury Safari Tents,and witness the Maasai Mara African animal migration, one of the seven natural wonders of the world!. So if you love good food, great yoga, and always wanted to go on a real Safari, join us on Africa Yoga Safari!

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India Yoga Retreat
Our Mission: To visit one of the yoga capitals of the world Rishikesh, India and practice Power Yoga with Fred Busch/Natalie D’onofrio everyday. Meditation and pranayama with Fred/Natalie or authentic Indian Masters in Rishikesh will be provided as well. To create a surreal, eye opening experience with a group of new friends and spiritual travelers as well as have an amazing time.

Congratulations! You will be joining us and our beautiful group in India!

We want to make this trip an experience of a life time for you. With that said making sure you are successful prepared and ready for your journey is why we created this letter. Please take a few moments to read this. There is a lot of helpful information for you. Communication is HUGE so let us know if you have questions.

Your main guide is Natalie D’onofrio her email and phone number:
Email/call her with questions ANY TIME!