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Fred Busch YogaNutrition┢

Do you want to feel amazing every day? Experience a life of unrestricted energy? Do you suffer from digestive trouble, excess weight, high cholesterol or other standard American diseases? The key to establishing excellent health is Intelligent Eating. But where do you begin?

Our programs provide students with powerful knowledge, experience and skills to transform their lives from the inside out, deliciously, enjoyably and with purpose.

Easy Detox :

– Feel Light and Healthy
– Achieve Mental Clarity
– Eliminate Toxins and Excess Weight
The American Nutrition Institute’s -South Beach Detox
With Fred Busch, Mayara Light and Claudia Bustillos

$195 Includes 3 Full Days of All Inclusive Detox

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Weekend Chef Certifications

– Make Healthy Meals the Whole Family will Love!
– Delicious and Good for You
– Under an Hour to Prepare each meal
– Friday Night Eat and Greet (Very Fun, bring a friend!)

Do you want to learn how to cook delicious food that is very good for you? All meals take an hour or less to prepare! Our weekend workshops focus on teaching regular people how to prepare extraordinaire food. Friday night starts with Eat and Greet, a dining experience of all the entrees that are taught during the weekend. This is a fun event, so bring a guest to enjoy dinner with the team. This portion of the weekend is an open house of healthy decadence.

Simple, vibrant ingredients are the key to great taste, and excellent health. Learning the secrets to preparing food quickly and with ease is our expertise. Do you love Italian food? A fan of all- American dining? Excited by perfect guacamole? Browse our event calendar for upcoming weekends, organized by country and see which ones you want to attend, or come to all of them and learn to cook like a master!

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You receive a certificate of healthy mexican food.

Fred Busch’s YogaNutritionist┢ Certification

– Most Comprehensive Course on Nutrition Ever Written
– Simple and Easy to Understand
– Science of Intelligent Eating

Want to be able to field any question regarding nutrition with ease? Want to know more about nutrition than nutritionists and doctors?

This is a unique course that covers the complete spectrum of food, exercise, health, disease prevention, healing methods, and living a balanced life. Armed with the information in this course, students will be able to powerfully express the truths of how to live intelligently and reap the benefits of smart living.

Have you ever wanted to understand the principles of Intelligent Eating? Would you like to avoid the diseases that plague so many in our western culture? The American Nutrition Institute Master Course is the most comprehensive course on nutrition ever written. It is simple and easy to understand.

– Become a Master of the Food Talk
– Learn to Communicate Intelligent Eating to your Community
– Instruction in the Business of Healing with Food

Would you like to know how to teach other people about living a life of optimal health? The American Nutrition Institute Teacher Training is offered to students after completion of the master course. This gives students the ability to clearly communicate and spread the information about the role food should have in our lives, and also incorporates ways to make healing with food a sustainable and positive business.

For questions about whether this career path is right for you contact us today!