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Free Yoga Classes in Wynwood

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Hey everybody in Miami! To celebrate the beginning of your Yoga Teacher Training in Wynwood we are having FREE YOGA CLASSES!  Join us 930am at Love Live Wellness Center for Free Classes of Fred Busch Power Yoga… taught by Fred! Love Life Wellness Center is in Wynwood and is the home of the Fred Busch […]

shoulder joint vs hip joint injuries

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Shoulder Joint Vs Hip Joint Injuries – A Teacher Training Anatomy Lesson Yoga Anatomy by Fred Busch – Why are Shoulder Joint Injuries so much more common than hip injuries?   It is not a coincidence that we find so many more injuries in the shoulder joint than the hip joint in Yoga.  All yoga […]

Healing Hands and Massage Therapy

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Healing Hands and Massage Therapy I can not overstate the healing power in all of our hands… the ability to connect with another human being with touch has the potential to transform their entire nervous system… out of fear and into peace and relaxation.  In my view nothing can be more effective in healing and […]