Breakfast is Worst Meal of Day

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In all of my food talks i emphasize a point that many people have not heard before…that breakfast is the worst meal of the day!

So many of us are conditioned to believe that breakfast is the most important meal… given some metaphor about filling up a gas tank or something like that!  So it is no wonder that it is always a surprise when people learn that breakfast is indeed the worst of the meal of the day and should be avoided.

Fasting or taking time off of eating…whether one meal or one day or even a week is a beneficial practice.  The human body was not meant to always be stuffing itself full of food!  We are designed to take time off of eating so that our digestive organs can rest a bit and our energy and vitality can then be directed to other areas like immune system and repair.

This article about Fasting  from the New York Times really speaks to this point!  I love to read articles like this!  The morning is for elimination not for eating more food on top of your half digested food from the days before.  Constipation is a scourge of modern day and the root of many diseases and fasting really helps prevent and cure constipation.