shoulder joint vs hip joint injuries

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Shoulder Joint Vs Hip Joint Injuries – A Teacher Training Anatomy Lesson Yoga Anatomy by Fred Busch – Why are Shoulder Joint Injuries so much more common than hip injuries?   It is not a coincidence that we find so many more injuries in the shoulder joint than the hip joint in Yoga.  All yoga […]

Healing Hands and Massage Therapy

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Healing Hands and Massage Therapy I can not overstate the healing power in all of our hands… the ability to connect with another human being with touch has the potential to transform their entire nervous system… out of fear and into peace and relaxation.  In my view nothing can be more effective in healing and […]

Yoga Meditation vs Buddhist Meditation

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Yoga Meditation vs Buddhist Meditation All meditation practices are valuable, but not are all equally valuable. Yoga Meditation is very different from Buddhist Vipasana or Advaita Self-Inquiry. In fact Yoga Meditation is different in every single way…from its intention to it’s execution through to it’s effect…Yoga promises a method and means to transform the subconscious […]

Sri Pattabhi Jois in New York City

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Sri Pattabhi Jois teaching over 300 people in NEW YORK CITY on September 8th, 2001… i took this picture from the side of the room after finishing the earlier practice session! There are so many reasons why this picture is meaningful to me! How many people remember these days???