Chanting OM

Chanting OM – AUM

Fred Busch talks about the sacred sound of OM – AUM

Introduction to the healing benefits OM

Om, Pranavah, Chanting the Sacred Sound, Meditating on the Eternal

Om or Aum represents the sum total of all potential states of consciousness since it runs the entire coninuum of sounds of the Sanskrit Alphabet. A emanates from ‘Mouth Position1’ and M emanates from ‘Mouth Position 5’ and this is the beginning and end of all potential sound waves which are linked as meridians into the Chakras.

Actual universe is built upon sound and energy that is structured like that, and Om is that maintaining force. This is esoteric stuff, I am only giving you little bits and pieces of information so you can research it on your own. Patanjali teaches that the repetition of Om should be made with an understanding of its meaning. As you Om, as you chant Om and this is pure Tantric stuff, hes giving you the practice, chant Om.