Children Why Feed Bad

Processed foods and possible dietary causes of health issues. What is Cancer?

Why do we feed our children and ourselves processed food?

Processed is Poison

It’s not food. It never was food. A dye isn’t food and it should not be in your body. A chemical preservative has nothing to do with food and it shouldn’t be in your body. Where do think these non-food items go? How do you think your body handles them? Let’s go back to my car analogy. Imagine putting a bunch of things – liquids – into your car that weren’t gasoline. What do you think would happen? Would you do that to your car? What about before going on a long trip? No.

Very basic cause and effect tells us that we should never put something into our bodies that were never once food products. Since the mouth is only used for breathing and eating the body senses any matter not a food to be a toxin. In fact that is the definition of toxin, something that is not a food that enters the body and irritates and affects the cells that it touches. It is irritating to the cells for many reasons. Lets examine a better-known poison like arsenic or radiation, things that cause death or cancer. Why do they cause death and cancer these influences? Because they irritated and killed the cells with which it contacted or it emitted a field or radiation that interfered with the cells energetic integrity and reproduction. Dangerous chemicals are so damaging because they are so small. They are able to penetrate the skins or mouths defense and enter into the blood stream where they are detected as foreign because they are destroying the cells they contact.

A free radical is a molecule whose structure is missing the full complement of electrons in bond. This means that it is “hungry” and travels around the blood stream attracting electrons off of healthy cells and this damage must be repaired. This stripping off of the electrons is called oxidation and that is why the vitamins that so many buy are all labeled as “anti-oxidants.” The anti-oxidants provide the missing hydrogen that fills the hungry free radical so that it will not tear an electron from one of your vital cells.

The more processed a food is, the farther away from it’s natural state it is. The more heat a food element is subjected to in the processing, the more damaged the former food element becomes. In the case of dyes and preservatives, they were never food to begin with, and yet there they are in the food. If they are not food, why are they in what we are eating? There aren’t any coincidences and the more irritations that exist in our diet the more likely we are to have compromised health like cancer or diabetes.

Cancer is usually associated with a high cooked protein diet, like meat or chicken or fish. Cancer is not because the free radical damaged the cell, but rather because the cell reproduced when it should have been simply destroyed. Too much growth unchecked is from too much protein in the blood.