Complete Yoga Class with Fred Busch

Enjoy this Complete Yoga Class! Use this video daily for your Sadhana, Spiritual Practice!  Practicing yoga every day is the key to realizing it’s fullest benefits in your life!   Once we start practicing daily we can start to experience physical and mental benefits that are tangible!

Physical benefits to daily practice include but are not limited to weight loss, increased tone, increased strength, better balance, stronger core and more!  Mental benefits include more peace of mind, better concentration, more awareness, better ability to sleep and so much more!

Just practicing the first 20 minutes of this video is enough if need be! Better to practice 20-25 minutes a day than 1.5 hours a couple times a week!  Also included below is a 40 minute sequence!



And for those interested in taking your practice to the next level and learning how to teach yoga and heal others this video is for you!  This complete yoga class, a public hot power yoga class filmed live at Miami Yoga in Brickell will give a good view into the style of Yoga taught by Fred in his Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings.

Make sure you take it easy!  Less is more!  The more you rest the better! Do not try to accomplish the whole class unless it is easy for you.  Take your time in building your strength and endurance. And most importantly have fun! If you have never practiced yoga before make sure everything always feels good.  If you have any questions about your yoga practice please contact us at

Resting in Child’s pose or some other comfortable resting position is always recommended for anyone who wishes to relax at any time of this class.  Make sure you have been cleared for exercise before practicing this class.  This is NOT a prenatal yoga class…do not practice this if you are pregnant.