Cooked Foods Double Trouble

Cooked Foods are Trouble – Eat more Raw Plant foods!

As bad as it is to eat food that is void of essential compounds and elements, it is only half the problem with cooked food. When food is heated and molecular structures are broken down, new ones are formed in their place. These new compounds are harder to digest and often leave toxic by products behind.

When the proteins in flesh are heated, they become coagulated and subsequently very difficult to break down. As your body tries frantically to digest them, they clog your intestines. Meals that follow are also backed up. Rotting matter accruing in the intestine is the stuff bacteria’s dreams are made of. As they proliferate, happily feeding on what your body cannot, these bacteria excrete a highly toxic by product. ‘Gas,’ fatigue and discomfort are a few effects of this prolonged, toxic ambush that are immediately apparent. Think for a moment what the less apparent, long-term effects are?

Eating cooked food is a negative double whammy. The cooking process robs your food of most of its critical elements and leaves a less digestible and often toxic substance behind. It is like imposing nutritional sanctions and waging a chemical war on your body at the same time. Giving your body something other than raw food is a compromise and what we are compromising are the cells that make up your tissues and your cellular output, more precisely, your thoughts and actions.

Inevitably I am presented with the argument from those who defend consuming cooked food that humans have been eating it for years and my response is always the same: ‘Exactly! I rest my case.’

Humans have been eating cooked food for years and we are also plagued by diseases like diabetes and cancer that are unique to our species. Addictions, obesity and psychological problems are common place. Am I linking all diseases that afflict our species to cooked food? Not necessarily. However I would suggest that any argument based on the unjustified premise that we humans are a healthy species is unsound.