Cooked Proteins Cancer

Cooked proteins are a cause of cancer and here is exaclty why:

Proteins are affected when subjected to heat. Proteins are nitrogenous compounds organized into amino acids and then into combinations that serve primarily as building materials in living things. Visualize protein to be a house made of bricks called amino acids. There are 20 types of amino acids of different shapes and structures that make up the protein house. When the body ingests a protein molecule house that is from raw food it does a perfect demolition of the house to its component bricks and uses those individual component bricks (amino acids) to build itself from scratch.

After being subjected to heat the chemical bonds derange and cement between the bricks becomes resilient to the body’s effort to break them down. So instead of getting individual bricks good for building, we get rubble (polypeptides). The body is unable to recognize the polypeptides and takes intelligent action in the form of Prostaglandin whose main role is to create inflammation. With the continued ingestion of the cooked proteins and the inability of the body to act on them leads to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout and other auto-immune diseases. Heated proteins equal inflammation.

Also consider how oxygenation of the the system is paramount. Cancer cells thrive only in an anaerobic environment, one that does not receive oxygen. Put simply we want oxygen to get to our cells. If you want to think, it is a good idea to get oxygen to the brain, and if you want strength and athletic potential it is a good idea to get oxygen to your muscles. The RBC contains hemoglobin, which is the transport for the Oxygen through the capillaries single file. So Hemoglobin and RBC production is paramount to get oxygen in the body. Two particular amino acids are used to manufacture Hemoglobin and RBC. Methionin is used in the manufacture of hemoglobin and cystine is used to produce RBC. Both Methionin and cystine are very severely damaged with heat. The sulfur, the component part gets removed and becomes an isolate, separate and deranged.

Lack of oxygen in the system then reduces vitality and reduces the body’s detoxification capacity and this creates more of a toxic load (the feedback cycle operating in the negative direction.) So if you want to reduce your risk of cancer, think clearer, be stronger and feel great, consider reducing the cooked proteins in the diet.