When we get injured in Yoga

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When Injured in Yoga requires sequence change often
Injuries in Yoga may require sequence change

When we get injured in Yoga or in our daily life, we have a choice to call it a problem or an opportunity¬†ūü홬† ¬†Most people are attached to certain Yoga poses as if they define the practice for that person. ¬†One of the most important quotes i give my students in Teacher Training is that ‘no one yoga pose equals yoga.’ ¬†This means that Downward Dog Pose or Handstands are not Yoga. ¬†Lotus pose is not Yoga either. ¬†Yoga is the sum total of all the components of our Sadhana… and we only need do Asanas or postures that make our life better in some way!

Seeing how when one door closes in life another door opens is one sign of an advanced attitude.¬†‚ú®An opportunity to change our sequencing to heal ourselves should always be welcome. ¬†This capacity is one of the hallmarks of Fred Busch’s Yoga Therapy components of Teacher Training.

Many yoga teachers give two different types of poor advice when they are confronted with an injured students.

Poor advice #1 – Take a few weeks off of Yoga and just rest your entire
(poor advice because why do we punish your heart and lungs just because your shoulder is injured)

Poor advice #2 – Just push through it!
(poor advice because then the body is not likely to heal but rather to have things get even more severely injured)

Actually we need to not follow either of these advices and instead combine them to some degree to create a healing environment as described by Fred Busch. ¬†The main principal to Fred’s Yoga Therapy teachings is that we must always practice every single day without exception. ¬†However we must always be practicing in a way that does not injure or aggravate our specific situation.