How to Handle Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires are Everywhere – How to Handle Them?

Fred Busch discusses the best way to protect yourself from energetic thiefs.

Employ Compassion for those who are not well. And compassion for yourself!

People who suffer dis-ease of all sorts are drained of their energetic reserves and often feel depleted and weak. These people will often need to find alternative sources of energy, and may select you to be their energy source. These people are called energetic vampires.

Firstly understand the nobody likes to suffer. Nobody really chooses to suffer per se. So energetic vampires are not bad, or evil. They are just sick. The key to handle them is called Compassion.

Have compassion by realizing that they do not know what they are doing and so there is no reason to be mean or rude. It is enough just to leave their presence. Compassion for them by giving them a small hint about how to improve their condition. See the divine nature in everybody.

But more importantly have compassoin for yourself by realizing that you don’t deserve to be treated as an energy source to be used by others. You need your energy so you can help more people over the long term. If you reach your hand out to help another and they drag you into the water, it will serve nobody. Better just to throw them a life raft or their own boat (empowerment and no victim mentality allowed) and keep moving on.