Jesus and Yoga

Jesus and Healing

Fred Busch discusses Jesus, the greatest healer of all time

Jesus was the greatest healer and healed even the most abominable diseases.

The bible version from King James that everyone reads is fraught with mistranslations and this leads to serious errors in the picture of who Jesus was and what he really said and did.
The best source for learning about the real Jesus is ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace’. Any student or disciple of Jesus should be making it a priority to expose yourself to this amazing text where Jesus tells people to stop worshipping the Devil (fire of cooked foods) and to fast in order to receive the graces of the Angels of Heaven (the healing power).

When the body becomes clean internally, and
uncontaminated through various forms of detoxification and purification, one is able
to connect with higher energetic vibrations of evolution and higher consciousness
more easily. Switching to a plant based diet will help to keep ones vibration pure;
where raw organic living fruits and vegetables are the foundation of ones dietary
habits. Jesus Christ of Nazareth advocates the importance of Saucha to heal oneself
and stay connected to God. Jesus speaks of the power of fasting (detoxification)
and the importance of the food that we eat (raw foods). Jesus is also a Reiki
master, meditater…and of course Jesus is an Enlightened Master and Sidha.
Those who believe in me will do the things that I am doing. They will do even
greater things because I am going to the Father. John 14:12