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Lose Pounds and Add Years to your Life! by Fred Busch

Lose 10 Pounds and Add Ten Years to your Life! That was the quote i heard on the radio advertisement as i drove home recently. And i started thinking how fascinating it was that it was legal to promote something in that way… with statements that were so unverifiable. And I then i thought a bit harder and figured that this one of the most brilliant campaigns i had ever heard. Those two benefits combined together! Lose weight and extend your life by 10 years… it is ideal and what everyone wants!

And then of course i realized that this is exactly what we deliver in our Yoga and Detox programming. Lose 10 Pounds and add 10 years to your life… that is exactly what we are doing. I know that it is impossible to quantify this kind of thing but i just found it ironic that i took offense to some little pill claiming such outlandish benefits… then laughed to myself as i realized that the Daily Yoga Practice, the Intelligent Eating, and the Meditation and Self Realization components to Fred Busch Power Yoga and Detox do just that. Lose weight, get healthier, get stronger, feel true wellbeing, and add years to your life with the Fred Busch Teacher Training, Detox Program, or Yoga classes at of the Yogashala’s in Miami or abroad.

Lose weight in Miami with Miami Yogashala Detox Program which runs each month. Fred Busch guides through 5 Days of Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Nourishing Smoothies, and special secret fac