Meat Equals Protein

Raw Food Diet and Health for Humans by Fred Busch

Meat And All Animal Products Are Out Of The Question

Our bodies are not designed to eat animals. The drastic anatomic differences between the digestive system of a homo-sapien (that’s us) and a carnivore (meat- eating animal) make the point rather decisively.


A meat eater’s digestive system is efficient and direct. The food that it eats does not linger in its stomach or intestines for very long. Once it has entered the body, most of the organism’s faculties are dedicated to assimilating the nutrients and then getting rid of the by-products as fast as possible. The meat eater doesn’t eat again for days.

Our digestive system involves a network of intestines that is roughly twelve times the length of our bodies. It fills our abdomen making a series of intricate twists and turns. Food meanders through as it is slowly and methodically digested. Flesh rots. When humans eat meat or other animal products, these substances sit in the stomach and intestines for days.

It is safe to say that having putrefying substances – especially flesh – sitting stagnant in your digestive track does not promote good health.

That animal flesh is a source of superior protein is often the justification for eating meat. The truth is our bodies do not use proteins in the form in which we eat them. If we eat animal proteins, our bodies are forced to deconstruct the protein molecule before it can be useful as individual amino acids. But for primates, the highest quality, most essential amino acids actually come from raw plant foods. Our body combines these “essential” amino acids (essential because they are “essential” in the diet) with other amino acids that it is able to produce by itself (thus “non-essential” in the diet) to construct its own human proteins from scratch.

Because the ‘meat equals protein and muscles’ mentality has become so entrenched in our society, it is difficult for many of us to accept that raw food is a more desirable source of protein. The reality is, when food is cooked most of the critical amino acids necessary to makeup a complete chain are damaged or eliminated altogether. These amino acids must be consumed RAW to be of any value.

Consider what other mammals are eating. A gazelle eats almost exclusively grass. The diet of an ape consists primarily of fruit and plants. When you see these animals in the wild, swinging between trees or streaking across the Savannah, does it look like they are suffering from any protein deficiencies?

Every human is a vegetarian whether they like it or not. Whether they decide to eat flesh or not, they are still vegetarians according to their digestive design.

That is the first reason to stop eating flesh and other animal products.

The horrific conditions found in most of today’s meat packing/processing plants is another reason.

Also, understand that the nervous system of a cow reacts the same way as humans when it comes to suffering, terror and pain. Slaughterhouses are places of pain and terror and whether you value the life of a cow or not, there is no reason to put one of earth’s creatures through a torturous death when you shouldn’t be eating them in the first place.

You should also know that when an animal is subjected to pain and terror the nervous system signals for the release of adrenaline, cortisone and other highly toxic secretions. At the time of their horrific death, these secretions in addition to metabolic waste in the animals tissues are coursing through their bodies. You eat tha