Miami Yoga Teacher Training

Miami Yoga Teacher Training

‘There are many options for a Miami Yoga Teacher Training and we appreciate your visiting this page to consider our program! Thank you!! If you have any questions about our programs or if there is a way i can help you personally on your yoga or nutrition path, never hesitate to contact us!’ Fred Busch  Register Here

Yoga Anatomy - Shoulder Joint Injuries

Fred Busch’s Yoga Teacher Trainings in Miami are now located at The Sacred Space
Miami Yoga’s Official Location – The Sacred Space Miami – 105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137
Next 21 Day Intensive Yoga Alliance Accredited Program begins July 8th, 2017
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Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch
Miami Yoga Teacher Training

Fred is the author of “The Lower Back Bible – A Yoga Solution to a Pain Free You”. Fred is a pioneer in the Healing Arts and creator of Fred Busch Healing Sequences for Power Yoga™ a system of Yoga therapy and healing injuries and back pain with Yoga pose modifications.

Fred is also owner and director of programming for Salamadhi Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Salamadhi Ranch is a 50 acre residential yoga retreat center dedicated to Yoga, Gourmet Vegan Food, hiking and meditation. Salamadhi Ranch also hosts Fred Busch Teacher Training Programs and retreats led by renowned Yoga Instructors.

Visit Amazon to purchase Fred Busch’s two authoritative books on Yoga.“A Clear and Definite Path– Enlightenment and Health with Yoga and Holistic Living,” is all about Yoga, Raw Food, Vegan Food and Enlightenment and “The Lower Back Bible” is Fred’s expert book on how to alleviate lower back pain caused by the two most common causes…herniated discs and sacra-iliac pain.


The School of Plant Nutrition offers it’s 10 Day Certification for Health Coaching and Detox. All  Certification Programs offered at Sacred Space Miami assist students to transform themselves and learn how to apply the simple and powerful tools to their lives in a long term and sustainable way.

“It wasn’t until three years after my miami yoga teacher training with Fred, that I grasped the impact of everything he taught me. As I partook in classes around the city and got to know other teachers, I started to notice the different perceptions of what it means to be a “yogi”. Most didn’t understand the importance of going deep beneath the surface of poses and a decent playlist. What about the growth of our students? Fred always made it clear that our students were the number one priority. It’s not about us. He taught us that healing sequences and variations set you apart as a teacher because our bodies and minds call for different things at different times. Our job as teachers is not to help our students fit into a box but to help them expand in their own way from where they are. I’m grateful not just for his teaching methods but he taught us how to be yogis; to be kind humans with loving intentions. I don’t kill bugs anymore. I carefully save and transport the ones I can because he taught us that every life matters. I understand the importance of nature and my connection to it because the weekend I spent on a retreat at his ranch changed my life forever. But it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. I challenged him many times and struggled to understand him in the beginning. Things don’t always appear clear right away, but time reveals all. I will be forever grateful to my first teacher and all that he taught me. Thank you, Fred. You were first beam of light to shine through the broken cracks of my once unawakened soul. Because of those first steps I took under your wing, I’ve been able to expand farther than I could ever imagine into this beautiful human that I am proud to be.”

Krystal Ariel