Mixed Martial Yoga

Mixed Martial Yoga

Upcoming Programs

2017 Mixed Martial Yoga and Thai Massage Trainings

Salamadhi Ranch, Colorado

July 10th-14th THAI MASSAGE with Jimmy Pool at Salamadhi Ranch, Colorado 
July 17th-21th MIXED MARTIAL YOGA with Jimmy Pool at Salamadhi Ranch, Colorado 

Miami, Florida

July 31th-August 4th  THAI MASSAGE with Jimmy Pool at Miami Yoga
August 7th-11th MIXED MARTIAL YOGA with Jimmy Pool at Miami Yoga

Yoga and Authentic Martial Arts are two of the world’s most ancient eastern disciplines. In fact Martial Arts and Yoga share the same roots going back to Bodhidarma the Indian Yogi who created Kung Fu.  Many believe that these two disciplines were meant to be practiced together as complimentary arts.

Ready to cultivate your Inner Warrior?    Are you looking for a practice that merges the most beneficial and important aspects of Yoga and Traditional Martial Arts into a lifetime practice that builds fitness levels of the body and peace levels of the mind.

The Mixed Martial Yoga™ system is a perfect opportunity to experience the powerful energy of a true Martial Arts Warrior! The Traditional Martial Arts sequences are fused into the flowing comprehensive and satisfying style of Fred Busch Power Yoga.  Learn authentic Kicks, Punches and Blocks and real life practical sequences for self-defense by Master Jimmy Pool.

Mixed Martial Yoga is a comprehensive fusion of Jimmy Pool’s Martial Arts and Fred Busch Power Yoga. The primary focus of this practice is to improve speed, dexterity, strength, flexibility, health, endurance and self defense ability while increasing both internal and external awareness. Mixed Martial Yoga is based in Lima, Peru where it was founded by Fred Busch, Alexander Landazuri, Director of Lima Yoga, and Jimmy Pool of Moving Zen.

If you have been looking for an intense and powerful practice that will increase your Martial Arts ability while delivering all the benefits of yoga, Mixed Martial Yoga may be perfect for you!  The Yoga component of MMY™ is based on the world famous Power Yoga system created and taught by renowned master Fred Busch. Placed dynamically throughout the sequences are fundamental Martial Arts exercises and skills stemming from a worldwide variety of authentic internal and external Martial Arts styles.


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