New Student

New Students- How to Start Yoga

Introduction to the benefits of yoga

Beginners Yoga- Why are beginners welcome to all classes?

Fred Busch’s Pep talk to all beginners- “Take it easy today! Rest a lot! The more you rest the happier i am going to be. Less is more. If it does not feel good don’t do it. This is a lifelong practice so the slower the better in the beginning. Enjoy the process of getting stronger and more range of motion over months not days.”

Beginner Yoga practitioners are not beginners for long! After a few weeks you get the hang of the flows and your endurance builds quickly so often the best way to start is to join the open classes. Fred Busch is very specific about making sure students take it easier at first as their bodies adapt to the dynamic practice of power yoga. Fred expresses how the most advanced part of the Yoga class is the awareness and meditative aspects, not the physical poses.

So beginners are welcome to all classes and will just slowly build their ability with intelligence and good guidance.

Benefits of Yoga- Many people lose weight, and more importantly learn skills to help keep the weight off without any dieting or stress. Detoxifying your body helps you feel better and more comfortable physically and mentally. The opportunity for your body to release stored toxins is welcomed by it and you emerge a lighter and stronger person. Yoga addresses all the aspects of a person that we wish to benefit. A lighter stronger body, more fit and balanced mind, and a deep connection with the spiritual are all available with the consistent practice of Yoga.