Not Cool To Make Suffer

It is not cool to make animals suffer

It’s not cool to make animals suffer.
There is nothing really great about suffering. Actually suffering kind of sucks. Being killed sucks. Being killed is scary. Being killed makes you release a terrifying chemical-emotional reaction of fear. Every time we eat meat foods, even if someone else did the “dirty work”, we think torture and pain is cool.

Every mammal has a nervous system which functions similarly to our own. It can get scared, it can feel pain and it hurts. Pain hurts! Suffering is miserable! For every creature with a nervous system this hold true.

The aliens and the cow and you.
Imagine yourself at the mercy of aliens experimenting with life on earth and they have tied you up and put you in pen. Next to you are a cow and chicken. Then comes the alien into the pen. The alien takes a small knife and without warning goes over to you and sticks it in your leg, twists it around and pulls it out. You immediately flinch and see the blood and feel the pain shooting through the wound. It really hurts to be stabbed. Next you watch the alien go over to the cow and stab it in the leg. The cow immediately flinches and writhes just as you did. It is now feeling the same pain you are. Then the chicken gets stabbed and flutters about and you have no question what the chicken is feeling. The aliens note that all animals on the earth feel the same pain and react the same way.

Next the alien goes over to the chicken, and as you watch, chops its head off, and lets it run around before it drops. Both you and the cow are watching and you look at each other and realize that all three were stabbed the same way so maybe all three are going to now be killed. You now feel a distinct feeling of fear and nausea and adrenaline begin pumping. The aliens now approach you and the cow at the same time both holding big knives. At the same time, they begin to chop your heads off, but slowly so you can look around. The cow is fighting to protect its life as desperately as you are. The aliens mark that both mammals fear death and protect themselves and their lives equally.

Then before they finish the two of you off completely, they retreat and get in their space ship and leave. They left their notebook. Mammals on earth have the same nervous system, feel the same pain and fear death and fight for self-preservation equally. Pain is Pain is Pain, whether it is a cow or a human.

When you are enlightened… when you realize that all is one and everything and everyone is connected… then creating suffering becomes untenable…impossible.