Health Coach

Health Coach

Online Health Coaching with Fred Busch

Do you have wellness goals that need to be obtained?  Often times you will learn that you were already on the right track and that you just needed some affirmation and a little guidance to really incorporate what you need to do differently!  Sometimes we are so misinformed that what we thought was really healthy is actually the opposite.

With Health Coaching sessions with Fred you may learn that some of the very things you believed were helping you are not helping but rather are the obstacles impeding your healing process.  In Health Coaching Sessions Fred’s primary intention will be to help you in as few sessions as possible to avoid a co-dependent relationship.

Fred believes that the most important way to teach is to guide people to be self-sufficient and to become leaders in and of themselves!  If everything that needs to be said can be done in 1 session than Fred will not be interested in extending the coaching time.

Yoga Nutrition Health Coaching is not like a psychologist who wants to continue to see you for the rest of your life…quite the opposite actually with Fred’s primary intention to empower you completely and make you strong and healthy without needing Fred.

Imbalance expresses itself in many ways and in most cases it is not impossible by any means to return back to a state of wellness and wellbeing of mind and body.  Fred Busch is one of world’s foremost experts on vegan and raw food and speaks internationally on the subject of vegan and raw nutrition.

Fred is the director of the Yoga Nutrition Health Coach certification program located at Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado.

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