Only Life Feeds Life

Only Life force feeds Life- Raw Foods are Superior Sources of nutrition

Cooked foods are deranged. When heat is applied to living cells, the first thing that happens is destruction of the enzymes, which are proteins, and the protein compound itself. The first thing that heat does, beginning at only 120 degrees, is to begin de-animate the amino acids and coagulate the proteins. Because of these chemical bond changes, we cannot derive any benefit from heated proteins. So when you heat a food first and foremost you destroy the proteins. Instead of getting a nourishing food you get a pathogenic food. And it does not have to be cooked to any great extent for that.

Instead of being wholesome, these foods become toxic.

Cooked foods lack nutrients and raw foods provide nutrients, this may now be clear. But also look at the toxic effect of cooked foods and how this affects our health and our energy levels also if we want to see the whole story.

There are other nutrients in these foods when heated that can not only degenerate from their natural context, but they become toxic as well, especially the mineral matter of the foods. When you heat minerals that are in an organic context, they get returned into an ash is just like the in-organic mineral found in the rocks and oceans water. The body does not have capacity to absorb or assimilate in-organic mineral matter such as this. The metals and minerals of soil and rocks and seawater. These are toxic to the body, which is proven by the scientifically observable fact that when you take these minerals into the body, even simple hard water, the body’s leukocyte count increases by two to three times. These white blood cells are the agents of the immune system and are dispatched to eliminate poisonous (life-threatening) material by carrying it to the nearest exit. In fact this leukocyte count increase is demonstrated when eating any cooked food as well.

Only life feeds life. It is the life force within the food that is the true sustenance to the living being. It is the assimilation of the subtle energies in the cells of the fruit or nut or green leaf, which were infused with sunlight and vivified water. So when we eat cooked food we are eating dead food. The cooking process, pasteurization included, destroys the life force and then deranges the chemical structure of the molecules original organization, organization being the expression of intelligence. This is automatic and every time. Healthy cells are made from healthy cells and diseased cells are made from cooked dead cells.