Power Of Silence

Silence allows us to conserve our energy and use it in the direction of our Intention

“Silence is the Key
Talk is Cheap
Only Actions Speak”

Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings with Fred Busch

Any one can notice that he who talks does not often take action and that those who take action seldom talk.

The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating; and talking when necessary. Yogic proverb

Tantra says that if you consider your body to be a vessel which is a storehouse for energy, the human vessel is releasing its energy through its mouth and the energy is then no longer available to sustain the power and stamina and perseverance required for any destination worth arriving at.

Talk is actually worse than being cheap. It is often the greatest enemy to the attainment of any goal. This is not a coincidence. We must observe in ourselves when a time comes that we find ourselves talking about what we want to do, and notice how the chance of our actually doing that action diminishes. And then observe the next opportunity you have to talk about something that is important for you to accomplish and you choose not to share it and instead it just gets done.   

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