Prevention and Cure Same Thing

Lower Back Pain – Prevention and Cure is the same thing

What is interesting is that prevention and the cure are the same thing. When it comes to understanding how to forward bend and understanding why forward bending is so involved here, the prevention of your future lower back issue, your future herniated disc can be prevented the same way that your present herniated disc will be healed or I should say if the pain from your present lower back, herniated disc would disappear in the same sequencing with the same healing, understanding as the prevention would be.

What we want to do is learn how to forward bend, how to pick things up the ground, how to come up and down to the floor, how to sit down and stand up. These are all related skills that has to do with awareness in daily life, just some simple principles to make sure that there is nothing happening that is going to be aggravate for you or cause a problem for you.

Forward bending because it involves stress being placed in the sacroiliac joint and stress being place in the lumbar vertebrae is basically the soul culprit for lower back pain. Most of you will think that back bends are a problem when it comes to lower back pain because they say to themselves because I have back pain I must not do back bends and that is actually the opposite. The cases of back bends are generally completely fine and back bends are quite useful when done correctly when done with the current engagement with the front of the body, when done without creating compression, of course, because back bends can be wrong too like any other pose.

But the ironic thing, the paradoxical thing, is that the back bends are fine and perfect ,the healing for lower back pain and back pain in general. However, the forward bend is absolutely out of question. Much speaking about forward bend and Yoga like standing forward bends with your legs straight or the some other variations of that, if the feet are together it will not work with the legs are straight and the hips are apart, if it’s too close the pelvis could not rotate but if the legs are wide apart, very wide legs – wide leg forward bend pose because the angles of the legs command to pelvis differently. With wide legs pelvis will be able to rotate forward, forward bending will be able to be done without any kind of reflection into the lower back, sacroiliac joint and to the lumbar vertebrae.

The exemption to the rule about forward bending comes with the legs very wide apart and standing forward bending, usually it’s Ok. Very sensitive severe cases I would also avoid that pose as well. Forward bending is the main problem not the solution. We do want to relate it with our hamstrings, I will be discussing it in one of the next chapter it’s just that the forward bending is not the most intelligent way to lengthen the hamstrings, we want to make sure we are using it in a way to lengthen the hamstrings that is actually useful and does not cause more problems than it creates.