Primate Anatomy

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You are a Primate with Primate Digestive Anatomy

Because humans cannot utilize the carbon and nitrogen available in the air and soil, we must receive carbon (carbohydrates) and nitrogen (proteins) from those beings that are able to transform the carbon and nitrogen from a non-living form to a living form. The plant can take the lifeless materials of the air, water, and soil and raise them to the status of living structure. One way or the other we are deriving our protein from the plant kingdom. We either receive it directly from the fruit and nuts and plants or indirectly by eating an animal that has received it’s protein from the plants (grasses). The protein came from the plants everybody!

We clearly exist within the body of a primate. The difference in thought quotient between different primate species has no bearing whatever on digestive anatomy. Comparative anatomy has no exceptions and holds that similar digestive anatomical structures correlate with similar dietary requirements. As homo sapien sapien we humans have the same digestive structures as fruitarian mammal primates. It is interesting to note that one could easily produce cancer of heart disease or any number of disease processes in other primate species if we supplied them with the food that we ourselves eat.

Our relationship to nature is firstly expressed by our food. When we look at nature we see that a species has a very specific diet from which it does not stray.
Herbivores like gazelle and giraffe don’t just start hunting and eating meat. It would be very difficult for a giraffe to hunt even if it wanted to, it is not very well equipped to stalk, pounce and kill its food source. It just sounds un-natural and creates a rather funny picture.

Reminds me in fact of the poster I saw in high school that has a picture of all different kinds of animals with a cigarette in their mouths. Picture it, a duck with a cigarette, an iguana with a cigarette, a dog with a cigarette, and the captions reads, “ It looks just as stupid on you.”

I see a similar picture when it comes to our dietary. If we took all the animals off their natural diet and fed them our diet it would seem rather a poor idea. I mean no scientist would agree that it is harmless to strip a species of its biologically mandated diet in replacement for a Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes or chicken salad with extra fries.
I mean it would really look silly to see all these animals eating so foreign a diet.
And it is just as silly for us.

It is said that a gorilla could bench press 4,000 lbs. Wild gorillas have been known to carefully pick the insects off the fruits before they eat them.

No zoo veterinarian would allow the local seafood restaurant and steakhouse and pizza place to enter into a feeding rotation for the gorillas. Why not? Because it is outrageous to place a gorilla on so foreign a diet. The vet’s job is to keep the animal in perfect health and it is scientific fact that this is done by strict adherence to the animal’s natural diet.