Raja Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

Advanced Raja Yoga Teacher Training
Raja Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – Raja Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living

This is an advanced training on Patanjali’s Raja Yoga and the precise technology of meditation as taught by Patanjali.
This training is not designed for the average modern yoga student only interested in vinyasa sequences, as it is going to teach you the real meaning and method of Yoga Meditation and the ultimate practice of Raja Yoga. 
The materials and main text book by Master Brahmananda Saravati, which are guiding this training are potent in their capacity transform our life and marshall the power of the mind to manifest a higher destiny.  Students will become experts in the practice, philosophy and teaching of Meditation to students of all levels.
Intensive Raja Yoga and Conscious Living Teacher Training. This is a program focused almost exclusively on Meditation and Raja Yoga, however we will be practicing Fred Busch Power Yoga every morning along with pranayama.  In addition students will be instructed in Sanskrit reading and writing and how to coach students towards health and wellbeing.
Working systematically through the most powerful translations Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limb Ashtanga Yoga Path, students will learn the authentic Yogic Techniques of Meditation which are not easily discovered even by experienced students.
In addition to the focus on Meditation and Samadhi, this training will also develop personal practice of Asana, as well as have modules on Conscious Living and Health Coaching.
Join us for our next Trainings and Meditation Certification in Colorado and Lima in 2018