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The Power and Benefits Raw Foods-100% is Easy; 99% is a Bitch

100% is Easy; 99% is a Bitch

Once you have mastered eating RAW for an entire week, you are ready to consider making the final jump. It is perfectly understandable if you still have a desire to eat cooked food. However, I’ve found that it is much easier to adhere to a Raw diet than it is to waver back and forth between cooked and living foods. First of all, you will not realize the benefits of a fully raw diet if you continue to eat cooked foods. Secondly, it is always easier to do something all the way rather than to do it half way. Whenever anyone asks me if I am ever tempted to have a bite of cooked food or make exceptions on certain occasions, I say “100% is easy; 99% is a bitch.”

For me, there are things that are foods and things that are not foods. Things that are food nourish my body and keep me healthy. That other stuff isn’t food. It was been changed to a point where it bares little resemblance to its original state and damages the body.

When it is simply choosing between something that is food and something that is not food, it is an easy choice. Anything that is cooked is not even a food possibility. So soon, it becomes easy. Without even recognizing an alternative to fresh, living food, there is no temptation. There is only feeling full, light and happy.