Raw Food

Why Raw Food?

Because only humans destroy their food before they eat it. Because Nature’s First Law is that all organisms on earth eat their food without exposing it to fire. It is basic common sense. Basic science plain and simple. Eat as much food as possible that is not cooked and from the plant kingdom. Focus on eating fruits since they are designed by God/Nature to be the perfect food for humans and our primate cousins.

“This is not a diet.”

So begins Fred Busch’s lecture on the extraordinary health benefits of eating organic raw food.
“You can eat as much food as you want, “ explains the Director of the Miami Yogashala in South Beach. “But remember, food is the operative word here. And, most of the stuff you’ve been shoveling into your mouth over the course of your lifetime is NOT food.” Fred Busch is counseling a group of about a dozen cross-legged yogis. They sit on yoga-mats, pillows and colorful Mexican rugs—listening as Fred lectures the class on his 30-Day Raw Food Program.

“You will lose weight. You will feel great. You will not be hungry and you will have so much more energy.”  Fred is not only a counselor who walks clients through the intricacies of human digestion and the raw food program, but a client too. The man who was once a pepperoni-pizza eating, soda guzzling, Carnivore is now a Vegan. And not just your garden-variety type Vegan either (no pun intended).  Fred consumes a diet made mostly of organic plants and vegetables –never cooked above a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Think back to your high school Chemistry class days,” says Fred. “Remember when we learned how heating a molecule changes its chemical structure? If you heat food –especially above 120 degrees Fahrenheit—you change it… and I’m not talking about a positive change here.” Fred, like so many Raw- Foodists heralding the diet, say that heat kills water -soluble vitamins like Vitamin B Complex. Heat, in other words, destroys the nutrients we need to function at optimal health. And food is fuel.

Putting The Raw Food Program to The Test
Though, I admit, I have never been over-weight, the perfectionist in me did want to shed just those last, nagging five pounds and tone-up. After two weeks on Fred’s raw food program (accompanied by an exercise routine that consisted of four one- and- a –half- hour yoga classes per week), I lost five and a half pounds. But most of Fred’s students have far more dramatic results. “This program helps people achieve the weight that best fits their frame. I had one student lose 30 lbs in one month. The results vary but everyone agrees that they are rarely hungry and they feel more energized. Your skin clears up. Your hair gets shinier. The results are amazing.”  Stephanie , a Fred Busch disciple, couldn’t agree more “I tried so many diets: South Beach, Atkins,  I always gained the weight back. I lost the weight with raw foods and Yoga.

So why do our bodies respond so well to raw food?  Well- just look at all the other creatures with whom we share this earth says Fred. “Look at nature and look at all those species. What do they all have in common? Not a single animal destroys its food before they eat it.” The best foods we can eat for maximum health are uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. Sound boring? Au contraire.  Raw chefs create delicious meals like “living burgers” made of raw nuts and veggies, enchiladas made of corn/flax seed tortillas, pizzas made of dehydrated veggies and a sprouted grain crust and even chocolate cake made of carob frosting.

Now, some of us are too busy to prepare our own raw meals. Add this super-busy, globetrotting Journalist to that list. Sticking to this program requires daily preparation and there are several companies that offer help. Some will even ship raw food meals to your work or home directly. One local option: VeggieMunn.com. VeggieMunn is run by Mariela . The mother of three, originally from Puerto Rico, discovered dairy was exacerbating her asthma symptoms. When she noticed shifted to a raw food diet immediately relieved those symptoms, she decided to share the wealth—becoming a chef. Now Mariela delivers her creations to locals. Veggiemunn meals are available, to order, on-line.

Rawvolution, a Santa Monica, Ca based company, also delivers its meals. Matt Amsterdam is the creator and chef—he ships …

Rawvolution is endorsed by celebrities like Cher, Susan Sarandon and Carol Alt.

What Can I Eat Now?

While Mariela and Matt create delicious meals with plenty of variety, Fred advises his clients to keep their intake simple during the first two weeks on the raw food program.  In fact, following Fred’s advice, I ate nothing but a Lara Bar for breakfast (organic, raw bars made entirely of nuts and fruits) and a giant salad for dinner, topped with olive oil and avocado, for the first fourteen days. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t tired. I felt great.   For those who find themselves dropping weight too quickly, Fred recommends dipping those Lara bars in some almond butter.  Once Fred’s students make it past those thirty-days, it is understood, and forgiven, when some don’t have the will power to stick to a strict raw food program. No worries. This is a guilt-free diet. “Very few people are going to eat 100% raw foods, and that’s fine,” he explains.  “Every time you grab an apple instead of a candy-bar you are making a profound change.”

By Jennifer Santiago You can read more about Jennifer’s adventures on www.jennifersantiago.com