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Fred Busch on his book A Clear and Definite Path

I wrote a book to help people get better, to save themselves. Yes it’s a book on health and nutrition, but it’s unlike any that have been written before. First because it draws largely from the readers’ own knowledge, experience and common sense. It doesn’t share any secrets or discoveries. Instead, it equips the reader with some basic information that enables them to come to logical conclusions about health on their own. In doing so, however, it suggests practices drastically different from what has become ‘normal.’

86% of the people in the United States say they need to take better care of themselves. They want to be healthier. 16% of those have actually taken steps to do something about it. (this is a statistic from some survey I need to find.) The potential is there. People are trying. Look around. Think of the joggers and gyms and the pills and infomercials. Such an overwhelming array of books and products dedicated to promoting health and fitness demonstrates the demand for information.

It’s not at the GNC store. No need to order any machines through the mail. It isn’t really even something that someone teaches you. It’s just pointed out. Living and eating naturally comes naturally. All the information necessary for being happy and healthy is incorporated into your design. You don’t see other organisms stumbling around looking for information on nutrition or dieting tips. You have what you need to know.

So why all the overweight, unsatisfied, depressed people? If everyone has all the information, why the book?
There are two reasons: not realizing you have all the information to live a healthy life and doing anything about it, not acting on it, despite the information.

Answer the first part for yourself by realizing that everything is linked to health. That’s the motivation. Everything in your world – spirituality, happiness, love, productivity creativity, what ever revs you up depends on health.

Being healthy and looking good are the same things. Want to be more attractive? Get healthy. Want to get more done, be more energetic? Get healthy. What about depression, or trouble focusing? I’ve got news for you. The brain is an organ. It’s the one doing the driving, the decision-making. It’s the emotion center and where your ideas originate, but it is still an organ. When your body’s systems suffer from any ailment, your brain is suffering. Your thoughts, your emotions are suffering. Want to feel better? Get healthy.

What I do in my book is tell you how.

The reason it is a relatively short book is because all the answers are already there with the reader. Have you ever forgotten something and had someone say ‘Okay, where did you have it last? Then what did you do with it? Then what?’ and pretty soon you remember where you left it. In a way, that is really all I do in this book. I ask a few questions, I share a few pieces of information you may not know and I remind you of some things you probably learned in junior high.