shoulder joint vs hip joint injuries

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Shoulder Joint Vs Hip Joint Injuries –
A Teacher Training Anatomy Lesson

Yoga Anatomy by Fred Busch – Why are Shoulder Joint Injuries so much more common than hip injuries?


Yoga Anatomy - Shoulder Joint Injuries

It is not a coincidence that we find so many more injuries in the shoulder joint than the hip joint in Yoga.  All yoga teachers have observed that it is more common to see students with limitations and pain in the shoulder as opposed to the hip although they are both the same class of joint.

Both Shoulder and Hip Joints are what as known as Ball and Socket Joints, which describes their design.  Each has a head which fits into a socket that then allows for a wide range of motion given the correct conditions.  What is the big difference then?  Why do so many more shoulders suffer in yoga?  The answer lies in the scapula.

The scapula is where the head of the humerus fits into.  The acetabulum in the hip joint is where the femur fits in.  The main difference is the scapula’s range of motion.  Because the scapula moves so much it creates a very huge range of motion potential for the arm.

There is a rule in anatomy that says…the more range of motion the more potential for injury.  This is due to the fact that more things you can do the more ways you can get into structural trouble and injure yourself.

So the key to prevention of injuries is to take care and more slowly in asana practice.  Moving slow is what advanced Yogi’s do.  Moving fast is for beginners.  Also if you already have a shoulder injury you can consider employing a Fred Busch Healing Sequence for the Shoulder Joint…which is a series of sequences and variations designed by Fred Busch to heal the shoulder within the context of daily practice.