Proper Sleep Required for Wellbeing

Fred Busch explains the importance of proper sleep!

Introduction to the healing benefits of good Sleep

People who are sleep deprived live a very challenging existance.
It would be hard for you to imagine how valuable sleep is
to our health. Sleep refuels the liver and cells with glycogen, the
fuel that the body uses in the execution of cellular activity. The
production of cells is nearly doubles during sleep so healing and
regeneration are much better. To live being chronically sleep deprived
is a very compromised life. Prioritize sleep if possible.

Sleeping is so valuable that it is not possible to oversleep
because the rule is that if your body is sleeping, it needs to be. Try
to sleep and wake up on your own, without an alarm clock because
that means that you have had enough sleep. The body can perform
miracles when it is given the full use of its resources and energy.
The best time for sleeping is between 9pm and 5am because
these are the hours in the cycle of the day that are most
restorative in the human bio-energetic cycles 17. Try to sleep for as
many of those hours as possible. Simply get as much sleep as you
can because that is a key to health.

If you do not get all the sleep you need, it is fine to take a
nap. The human brain and body love a bit of rest, especially with
the stress inducing environment of modern living. The energy regeneration
of only 10 minutes of sleep is significant. Lots of healing
and restoration takes place in naps. Sleep is the time when the
brain regenerates the low-level electricity called nerve energy that
is its currency.

Sleep is when the body takes care of itself. If you are ever
not feeling well, like you have a ‘cold’, one way of handling it
healthfully is to drink lots of water and sleep until you cannot
sleep anymore. One or two 12 to 14 hour night sleeps is the best
medicine when we do not feel perfect.

For good sleep, you need: Darkness, Quiet and Coolness. If
you don’t have darkness, cover your eyes with a shirt or something
and have some real darkness. It makes all the difference. Always
rest with something covering the eyes if it is not very dark. Fresh
air should be allowed in the room.

Meditation is different from sleep. Many claims are made
as to the health and rest value of meditation and they are true!
Meditation is very restorative in its own right. However in our society, basically
nothing can replace the need for adequate proper sleep.