Healthy Diet Yoga Nature and Spirituality

Fred Busch on his book A Clear and Definite Path

Why have I come to these conclusions? Why haven’t these ideas caught on already? Remember the weed growing up through the crack in the sidewalk? Or the seagulls living at the garbage dump? Organisms are able to ‘get by’. In the process of getting by, we take things for granted. Pains, colds, flues, that we are getting sick and dying. This is so common that it is considered normal.

So in my book, without wasting words, I demonstrate quite decisively the grave importance of a healthy diet. “Oh, I already know a healthy diet is important?’ You may, but on what level? Do you think of poisoning your blood when you eat low quality foods? Do you think of your body using dyes and chemicals to build the tissues of your eyes, lungs and brain? I encourage you to think of every item you put into your mouth as medicine or poison. Each mouthful is either helping or hurting you. Once I establish the importance of a healthy diet, I help you understand the essentials of that optimum diet. The basic fundamental rules of it.

To convince you, I don’t rely on logic alone, I encourage you to try it. RAW food and yoga? Where are the studies to support this? Conduct the studies yourself. Collaborate with your body and realize the truth as you experiment and experience for yourself.

After we reach an understanding with diet, we tackle yoga. First we consider our body and make some projections about what types of things would benefit it the most. Then we take a look at an exercise that emulates the characteristics we put forth. I show you poses, explain their benefit and then, just like with our diet discussion, I encourage you to feel the benefit in your own bodies.

This is book is fun to read. Not only is it an experience in itself, it introduces a whole new life, a rewarding and fulfilling one that you can start the same day you start the book. Those 70% that aren’t taking the steps to improve their lives and bodies just don’t have the information. You can’t blame them. Consider the barrage of gimmicks and theories and studies aimed at creating and maintaining health. It’s overwhelming to wade through them and decide on something that you can be sure is true.