Toxins in Body – The #1 Tip for Detox and The Benefits We Want

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toxins in body

Toxins in Body

Humans have countless toxins in body because we are exposed to countless harmful toxins in life found anywhere from the food we eat to pollutants in the air, and toxins in household cleaning supplies. Even the clothing we buy is filled with chemicals from the factory in which it was produced. Often we neglect to take a moment to detoxify our body–our temple, causing a buildup of these toxins. By incorporating simple detoxification steps into our lives, we can reduce the detrimental effects of these toxins. Every Sunday a new detox tip will be posted on Instagram @fredbuschyoga to aid our mission towards ultimate wellness. During these intense summer days always remember to stay hydrated throughout the day to replenish the body. I wish you all many blessings this upcoming week and remember to dedicate time each day to physical, spiritual, and emotional development.

detox and restore

🍋The #1 Tip for Detox

Start the day with a cup of warm water and a freshly squeezed lemon 🍋

Detoxing requires hydration💧but plain water is not always the most beneficial. The same way water can flush out 💦 toxins in the body is the same way it can flush out 💦 minerals and vitamins we want to keep. Adding lemon 🍋 to our water replenishes our electrolytes, hydrating us with efficiency 💪

In addition, if you’re concerned that your water is acidic with a low ⬇️pH, adding lemon alkalizes⬆️ your water, which promotes healthy digestion & toxin elimination. It also alters the pH of the blood. This prevents acidity, which can serve as a hotbed for bacterial and viral infections.
Overall, lemon is immune boosting, and filled with antioxidants for glowing skin🌟 mental clarity⚡️ and an energized body 💃

🙏🏻More Benefits🙏🏻

  • Vitamin C helps boost your immune system
  • Alkaline food helps balance pH
  • Hydrates lymph system
  • Natural diuretic that increases the release of toxins
  • Aids in weight loss