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Vegan Discussions- Dairy Consumption into Adulthood is bizarre at best

Dairy Consumption into adulthood is appalling.

Consumption of other animals’ mother’s milk is bizarre. Would you ever drink human breast milk? Would you ever, as an adult, drink your aunt’s breast milk? Hell no. Is it even stranger when you consider drinking the breast milk from some other animal like a cow or a goat? What about a monkey’s breast milk? At least a monkey is in the same genus species. Why do you think the notion of consuming another animal’s milk is so appalling when you stop and really think about it? Because it is. Utterly. We have become accustomed to the idea of consuming cow milk and subsequently have come to know it as normal. If you stop and consider it though, consider it for the first time; it seems nothing less than bazaar.

All mammals drink milk. Mammals are equipped with a milk sugar splitting enzyme for the period of development when mother’s milk is the food. In humans it is about age three that we lose the enzyme Lactase that can split Lactose. So after age three in humans, just like all other mammals, we lose the ability to digest milk. Whether or not we recognize it yet almost all people are ‘lactose intolerant’ because no mammals drink a milk in adulthood.

It is not natural for humans to remain suck lings all their life. All mammals are weaned off their mother’s milk, at the appropriate stage in development. Once again we are no exception. Cows milk is a food and not a drink, and it is a food for a calf, not a human. Humans secrete the milk-splitting enzymes rennin and lactase until about the age of 3 years, after which milk is not tolerable. The milk of each species is only well adapted for the young of that species. Lactose intolerance is so common an ‘allergy’
Because the body properly objects to substances that it cannot use for food.

And also remember that milk is a food and not a drink. It is a food for a baby cow, not a drink for a human. But even if it were composed of water, all the hormones, and anti-biotic and poisonous residues make the stuff really questionable.

Any time you eat a product like cheese or milk it is like suckling off the tit of a pregnant cow, strange. But also consider this:

Veal is the dark cousin of the dairy industry

The veal industry is a dark cousin of the dairy industry. In order to have a female cow lactating (producing milk) you must have had a calf just born. If the female cow is giving her milk to a machine for human use then her calf is not getting it. The calf is the veal industry. It is put in a box immediately after being born, never seeing it’s mother after birth. She fed thru the bars of the cage; she defecates and pisses in the box all over herself for the few weeks of her life. Then the baby mammal is taken out of the box and killed. Veal Parmesan? This is not meant to induce guilt but see the whole picture. If you drink milk you are hurting your own body very badly because it was not designed for it after age three and you are also causing terrible suffering in places you had not yet considered. Consider it.

And just go straight to water, not soymilk. No need to substitute for a substitute. Soymilk is very processed and cooked and little resemblance to food, as your body would have chosen. It is certainly not a drink.

If your body could choose it’s own food what would it pick? What if your mind was only used to obtain the foods that your body biologically demanded?