Vegetarian Facts About Physiology

Vegetarian and Vegan Facts- Why is it best?

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Why is vegetarian smarter?

Vegetarian Facts about Physiology and the reasons Humans are not carnivores or omnivores. Fred Busch Yoga teacher training discussion.

Physiologically we were not born with what we need to kill.
Lets talk about physiologically, we do not have the tools required to run down an animal with our bare hands and kill it with our bare hands and eat it with our teeth because any animal that size is going to kill us or can run so much faster that we can never catch it. Animals animals in nature are given the tools they need to do what they need to do without any they were born with what they need birds and flight, they have wings, cats going to hunt they are born with teeth and muscles and strength and power.

And we are also born with whsatever were going to need in this planet in which our case find trees and pick fruit and pick herbs and not some seeds and all that kinds of stuff, thats what were really born for biologically physiologically and thats why we have brains because our ability to critically think does not in any way alter our digestive anatomy.

So we can read all the books we want, our digestive hasnt changed because were reading books. We are monkeys we are primates were apes. So we are not physiologically able to do it. The argument that these are canine is a very funny thing its almost like a joke. People make that argument because theyre trying to justify something thats unjustifiable so its just something silly analogizing what we have an idea of what a cat has. If youve never seen a cat you know of a dog youd know that these are different designs.

Much more interestingly than the physiological thing because thats easy is the psychological part. This is something a lot of people dont consider is that animals are psychologically able to do what they are supposed to do. Otherwise a cat has no problem killing something. Psychologically it doesnt think about it, you know what I mean, you ever seen— of those nature shows or anything else? When its time to hunt its time to hunt. When its time to seize that thing by the neck it doesnt even think about it. Its done. If a cat is in here and if you throw a rabbit in here, before you can even start thinking about what will happen the cat is on the rabbit the rabbit is squirming about the cats eat it because psychologically theyre adapted to what theyre think to do. Youll find that everything in nature, no exceptions.