Why Cooked Food Is Poison

Why cooked food is not good for you

Why cooked food is poison

“At every step in the process of cooking from the time the food is put in or upon the stove until it is completely destroyed, if it be permitted to cook that long, destructive changes take place that impair its food value and unfit it for use by the body.” Dr. Robert Snaidach

“The real reason for malfunctioning of the body is from impairment due to toxemia. This is a condition of the body where the body functions at a very low level. Instead of functioning at a high level of absorbing and assimilating and utilizing foods and performing all its functions at high levels, it is functioning at some levels that are far below what is normal and natural for a healthy person. As a result people are unable to perform as well in their work, whether physical or mental. People are not able to feel as good, or feel the joy or the happiness and pleasures in life that really could be theirs.

As well, people are very sick. People get colds and flues and they degenerate and get chronic diseases as a result of toxemia and the life span is considerably shortened, by as much as half. And eating cooked food is largely responsible for all of this, for acute diseases, chronic diseases, lack of energy and shortened life and it all comes as result of toxemia which is directly caused by the ingestion of deranged nutrients in de-natured foods.” TC Fry

But the fact is that all these foods, whether they are junky like chocolate and sugary kind of things like donuts and pizzas or whether they are less considered not to be in the junk food category like your Italian food or Mexican food or your cheeses or this sort of thing, whatever the food is, it is actually a drug. It has drug effects rather than nutritional effects and is more properly classified as a drug or a poison than it is as a food. And really understand this deeply and experience it in your life by going on a raw food diet and detoxifying like you do on a raw food diet and feeling so much different and better. Then you can really understand in a way that is hard to understand intellectually when these ideas are first introduced.