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Fred Busch's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Fred Busch’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Overview and FAQ

“Thank you Fred! This is really the best yoga alliance teacher training I could have ever attended – the greatest Teachers, all amazing people in the group, beautiful place there and atmosphere, and exactly what I needed to know, learn and experience at this stage of life – the information and insights you provide is just precious. So happy I’ve joined! See you tomorrow!”

Hot Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial by Sandra Herrera

Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial en Espanol

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Whether you want to be a professional Yoga Instructor or you want to deepen and expand your Self-Practice and Yoga Knowledge, the Fred Busch’s Yoga Alliance accredited Hot Power Vinyasa Teacher Training programs may be for you!

Fred Busch teaching Teacher Training
Fred Busch teaching Yoga Adjustments at Teacher Training

200 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with Fred successfully trains Yoga Teachers and students who want to deepen their practice and mastery of Yoga. The students learn about different styles of Yoga like Vinyasa, Hot Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Therapeutic Yoga, Healing Sequences, Prenatal Yoga and subjects like Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Energetic Systems, Prana, Aura, Chakras, Mudras, Nadis, Koshas, Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers, Nutrition with the Fred Busch Famous Food Talk and much more.

Fred Busch's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Fred Busch’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Introduction to Yoga and Yoga Philosophy “What is Yoga? What is Power Yoga? How do the different styles of Yoga relate to each other? What is the goal of Yoga? How does Meditation relate to Yoga? This workshop will begin to answer all of these questions and many more and we look into the historical background of Yoga and Tantra and then relate it to the present day movement of Yoga around the world.

Learning to Self Practice In learning to Self Practice, which is the most valuable skill in Yoga, it is important to know some fundamental principles which will keep you confident and doubt free, which happen to be the only obstacles to a consistent Self-Practice. This workshop will break down the Fred Busch Power Yoga Opening Sequence and Sun Salutations A and B, so as to create complete understanding of the sequence, the alignment, the point of gaze, and the correct breathing and attitude. With this workshop you will be empowered to begin your Self-Practice on days you don’t make it to the studio. Drsti, Pranayama, Meditation.

The 5 Koshas are an energetic understanding of a person visualized as layers or more or less density of energy. The body itself being the least subtle layer, and subsequent layers of prana, mind, wisdom, bliss form concentric circles around the Center of Your Being… the Atman. This discussion of the Koshas will focus on understanding how this vision of human anatomy is useful in today’s world.
The 4 Paths and the 8 Limbs of Yoga There are 4 Paths of Yoga classically known in India. This workshop will discuss the 4 Paths and how they differ and how they are similar. Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga are the 4 Paths of Yoga which will be discussed. From Raja Yoga comes the great Sage Patanjali, the greatest Yoga master of all time and the author of the Yoga Sutras. Inside the Yoga Sutras, between Books 2 and 3, is found the section on Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limb Path, and within it, Patanjali explains the scientific formula for enlightenment and bliss. This is a workshop dedicated to illuminating our intellects and preparing ourselves for Living Enlightenment.
Mastering Standing Poses in Self Practice  The standing poses in Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and other Hatha Yogas form the foundation for developing the strength and openness required to sit in meditation for long periods of time. The standing poses were developed much later in time and were created to build fitness, stability and good health. Their are many benefits to standing poses, however the benefits are even greater when the Asana is performed perfectly. A good and aligned yoga pose creates powerful lines of energy in the body and the result is energetic flow that is both powerful and healing. This workshop will address the many alignment principle inherent in the standing poses of Power Yoga. We will discover here how many poses share the same alignment principles and learn to do visualize the ideal body and thus self correct yourself in Self-Practice.
Introduction to Yoga Anatomy – Learn the bones, the joints, and the Muscles! This introduction to Physical Anatomy is well suited to beginners in the subject as we take it from the very beginning with Directional Terms and basic vocabulary. From there we learn the bones, types of joints, and the names and locations of the most important muscles in the body. We relate this info to Yoga by incorporating yoga poses that use the various muscles and feeling and seeing inside our own bodies for the pathway of the various muscle groups.
The Famous Fred Busch Food Talk -Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight, because this is often the most powerful presentation of information you will ever witness. In the Yoga Teacher Training version of the food talk, Fred will take no prisoners as he presents his understanding of the subject of Food. Welcoming all questions and all challenges, this workshop includes scientific discussions of the role of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes, Probiotics, Immune System, Energy levels, Detox. Fred will discuss how easy it is to be an unhealthy vegetarian and will explain the principles to eating with more intelligence and more respect for biological design.
Yoga Sutras of  Patanjali -The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are one of the most important of all Scriptures in the world. Written by Patanjali in a Sutra form, designed to be hidden out in the open, the Sutras are the accumulation of Yogic and Tantric wisdom that existed from the antiquities. Patanjali presented all of them in one single volume and in doing so did a service for Humanity that is divine. Each Yoga Sutra is ‘independently intelligent’ as Fred’s master explains, they each by themselves can deliver you from bondage into enlightenment, also known as Kaivalya, Nirvana, Bliss, Samadhi. In this workshop we will read all the Sutras with English translation and discuss many in full detail.
Fred Busch’s Healing Sequences for Power Yoga – Most injuries start small and get worse over time due to aggravation, something called not listening to your body. This is very common in Yoga because most teacher don’t understand how to let the body heal itself while still doing daily yoga. Most Yoga teachers suggest to either take a week off, or just keep going and push through it! The fact is that both of those approaches don’t work which is why people don’t easily heal themselves and injuries can become chronic and spread and implicate other muscles. This is not the only option! The Fred Busch Healing Sequences offer a means to continue your daily yoga practice, get stronger in your core, and become the most advanced Yogi of them all, all while healing yourself of whatever injury has been gifted to you.
Arm Balances and Intermediate Poses – In order to learn arm balances from the beginning it is necessary to understand which muscles are really responsible for creating the lift of the seeming ability to defy gravity. This lift generally comes from the core muscles and so this workshop targets and identifies the preparation poses required to master before arm balancing becomes easy. We will then practice the actual arm balances in a specific and detailed way to assure everyone know exactly how to enter the poses over time. Poses in this workshop will include: Forearm Stand, Handstand, Astavakrasana, Bhujapidasana, Peacock, Side Crow, Crow, Koundinyasana.
Learn about Human Energy Systems and the meaning of the words Prana, Chakras, Aura, Nadis and more. Discover why these systems are so important for your physical, mental and spiritual health and practice meditation techniques to regulate and charge your energy field.
Ready to learn as much as you can about Headstand, Shoulderstand, and Backbends? This is the workshop for you! We will start with a comprehensive safety discussion about Headstand and Shoulderstand with relation to the cervical spine and thoroughly cover the contra-indications for Inversions. Then we will take those who are ready to experience and realize which muscles groups are actually responsible for mastery of the inversions. We will practice and learn all the preparation poses and then get ready to MOVE OFF THE WALL, If you are ready, and the time has come for you, and your backbends are reasonable. We will learn about the 2 DIFFERENT HEADSTANDS and practice both of them and then discuss and learn the details for Shoulderstand. We will then address Spine and Back Bends and we will discuss how many students do backbends that are not very effective. In this detailed workshop on the nature of Back bending and front body opening, we will cover the many variation of backbends and why different versions are more suitable for different student types. Making sure your yoga practice is always serving you most effectively.
Yoga poses can be very dangerous if practiced by the wrong person. The wrong pose practiced by the wrong person can create injuries or other damage. Yoga teaching is a huge responsibility as you take another persons health and wellbeing into your hands. The other half of this workshop will discuss that are called Contra-Indications to Yoga Poses. These are conditions and situations that certain yoga poses are better avoided. We will cover the main diseases and conditions in a basic overview of what is contra-indicated in different scenarios. This information is mandatory for good and safe Yoga Instruction.
Learn what is Prana and its relationship to Pranayama. Many Pranayamas are described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Gerhand Samhita, sister scriptures from the middle ages. This workshop will cover almost all of the classical Pranayamas from the sacred scriptures. Each pranayama will be thoroughly explained and discussed, then demonstrated, then the class will experience. Ujayi, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Sithali, Kabalabhati (Breath of Fire), Bastrika (Bellows) are all practiced in this very comprehensive introduction to the basics of Pranayama and the benefits they can incorporate into your life.
Learning how to teach pregnant women safely is an invaluable skill. This workshop is outsourced to our resident Prenatal Yoga Master Michelle Fonte and is designed to prepare the teachers understand the safety considerations in Pregnancy yoga. This workshop will also provide a beginners pre-natal yoga set for those who are interested in teaching Pre-Natal Yoga. This is usually run as a certification program, but certification is at complete discretion of the teacher.
Restorative Yoga is one of the most advanced styles of Yoga to teach even though poses are all supported and relaxing and held for many minutes at a time. Restorative Yoga requires lots of information about the best ways to use props to create comfortable and sustainable poses for people to relax in. This workshop will cover the basics of theory about the healing benefits of Restorative Yoga and will then enjoy the experience of deep relaxation and renewal the comes from the healing and wonderful Restorative Yoga experience.
Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation experience which is practiced laying on the ground in Shavasana. Yoga Nidra is always guided because it requires the relinquishing of the mind to the guide of the meditation. Yoga Nidra is the ultimate restorative yoga pose. It is not sleeping! It is beneficial and deeply restful and healing as the brain is induced into the brainwaves that are most restorative and healing, the delta waves. We will discuss Yoga Nidra and then experience a 45 Minute Yoga
What is the most effective way to explain a Yoga pose to somebody? What are the best and most precise words to use? What is the least effort in speaking that can yield the most refined speech? This workshop will address this and do so in the context of a workshop on leading students through creative flow variations. There are literally infinite number of directions that can be taken from nearly every pose. This workshop will teach you to think creatively and be able to build your own safe, intelligent, and satisfying Yoga Vinyasa Flows.
The art of teaching Private Yoga classes and very small groups is a skill that pays itself back a hundredfold. A Yoga teacher will generally make most of their money through teaching privately so the ability to be confident and resourceful in a home setting is required. Teaching 1 on 1 offers many opportunities and many challenges that group classes do not afford. This workshop will shed light on how to take advantage of the opportunities while avoiding any of the difficulties from the challenges so as to make your private clients very satisfied with their Yoga class and experience with you.
The Sanskrit Alphabet is a divinely realized continuum of sound waves that are harmonic to your Chakra system and resonant to the sound waves of the cosmos. The Sanskrit Alphabet is sacred and incredibly healing when pronounced correctly. This workshop will cover the basics to pronunciation of the 51 Letters of the Sanskrit Script of Devanagari. You will learn how to read elementary Sanskrit words and how to pronounce the names and words in the many sacred Sanskrit Mantras. We will cover the 5 Mouth Positions of Sanskrit and vowels and consonant sounds as well as the Anasvara and Visarga grammatical components. Make your chanting precise and feel the energetic difference in the sound waves vibrating within and around you.
This is a workshop designed to highlight the healing and illuminating effects of chanting Mantras in Sanskrit. Sanskrit sounds are scientific and specific frequencies that are associated with your Chakras and help to balance and energize them. We will cover several of the most Sacred Mantras on Earth: Gayatri, Maha Mritunjaya, Sri Ram Jay Ram, and several others as we also discuss the universal nature of Spiritual Enlightenment and bliss. We will focus on correct sanskrit pronunciation using the 5 mouth positions and the power of visualization and intention.
Just because you are good in your yoga practice does not make you a good teacher. Teaching is a different skill, which is one reason there is a difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga master. We are seeking to be both Masters in our personal spiritual practice, as well as being great, expressive and charismatic teachers. This workshop will dissect what are the subtle skills that great teachers use to make their classes better than average. Use of music, tone of voice, pace of speech, and so many other factors are at play in the creation of an amazing yoga class for all participants. Skills of observation will be honed to prepare teachers to identify students who need special variations. This workshop will help you take your yoga teaching to the next level!
The ability to still the mind allowing the meditative state to happen is the key to experience the higher states of Yoga. During the Fred Busch Yoga Teacher Training you will learn about meditation, why it is important and several meditation practices that you can do in your daily life.

Fred Busch's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Fred Busch

Meet the Faculty

 Fred Busch, Director and Lead Faculty of Teacher Training

Fred Busch is considered of the world’s top Yoga Teacher Training instructors and is widely known for amongst other things his unique system called Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga. Fred is the creator of the system of Yoga Therapy that he simply calls Healing Sequences, and co-founder of Mixed Martial Yoga. Fred is also the Director of the Fred Busch Conscious Eating Health Coach Certification.

Fred trains his students to be leaders and teaches his students to be able to guide their future students to an individually applied practice that provides the benefits of Yoga in a safe context to students of all ages, backgrounds and body types.

Fred Busch is a dedicated practitioner of Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga and is an authority on several subjects relating to Yoga and Health.  Fred is the author of  “A Clear and Definite Path- Enlightenment and Health with Yoga and Holistic Living” and “The Lower Back Bible”.

Fred is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga and is the founder of Miami Yoga and Director of Salamadhi Ranch in Colorado. Fred is also Director of Teacher Training at his home studios in Miami and Colorado as well as studios in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Aruba, Dominican Republic, and more!   Fred is fluent in Spanish and as such his Teacher Training programs are taught in English in USA and Spanish in Latin America.

Fred is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and believes in the connection between healthy people and a healthy planet. After surviving a life-threatening event in Africa in 1998, Fred began his daily practice (Sadhana) as a way of expressing Gratitude and Reverence for the sacredness of health and life.

Laurie Virginia

 Laurie is the owner and director of Asana Yoga Center on Isla Margarita in Venezuela, author of A Diary for Yogis, and faculty with Fred Busch in Hot Power Yoga Teacher Trainings in Panama, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Venezuala.

 Laurie Virginia awoke in 2004 to realize a vegetarian diet and thus begin her spiritual path. Enjoying the process of transition and transformation and always listening to her body and heart, Laurie reached a vegan diet 6 years later and continues to eat in this style for spiritual reasons.

In 2009 Laurie completed her first of many Yoga Trainings which resulted in her established daily Sadhana, a burning desire to keep learning, and a wish to share this powerful tool for living with others.

Silvina Camara

 Silvina Camara is the owner and director of Miami Yoga in Brickell and co-faculty in the Fred Busch Teacher Training programs in Miami, Colorado and Buenos Aires.

In 2001, after surviving a life-threatening accident, Silvina Camara experienced a spiritual awakening that changed her life. Soon thereafter Silvina found yoga which soon became a passion and spiritual practice as well as and new way of life.

After serving as Director for Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga from 2008-2011, Silvina owned and directed Shakti Yoga Studio in Miami’s South Beach.

Silvina is a professional singer and is the yoga teacher of choice for many celebrities who visit Miami, including Usher, Paulina Rubio, Eva Longoria, Fernando Carrillo, and NFL players.


Fred Busch's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Fred Busch’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga practiced in a Heated Room. Fred Busch Hot Yoga is a multi-dimensional practice that offers benefits to people on many levels. For the body, Hot Power Yoga brings weight loss, tone of body, enhanced range of motion, and general feeling of energy and wellbeing. For the mind, Hot Yoga and the deep breathing affect the mind in a beneficial way, bringing greater relaxation, balance and awareness to daily life. For those who appreciate the spiritual dimension, Fred Busch’s Hot Yoga gives meditation experience and wisdom throughout the class designed to uplift consciousness of students and increase quality of life in the most important ways. By practicing these dynamic sequences in a heated room the benefits of detox and weight loss are increased. Also unlike other Hot Yoga styles, Fred Busch Hot Yoga closes class with the relaxation pose called Savasana and most importantly a short but deep meditation experience.


Why do Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training?

If you want to be a professional Yoga Instructor or if you want to learn about Yoga and enlightenment for personal reasons…this is the training for you!

If you have either the intention or interested in becoming a professional Yoga Instructor or you are interested deepening your Yoga experience and knowledge for personal reasons, our Teacher Training program is for you! The Fred Busch Teacher Training programs have proven transformational to students and future teachers from all around the world. This training provides the foundation and ability to self-practice Yoga everyday with absolute confidence and thus be sure to receive the multitude of benefits which Yoga offers for your daily life.


What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga

There are a number of benefits that come along with the regular practice of Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga. Some benefits are quite easy to notice like weight loss, increased circulation and range of motion, better sleep, while other benefits are more subtle but now less important like help overcoming addiction and detoxing, lowered stress and anxiety and a general sense of well being and spiritual connection. Hot Yoga helps it all! Check it out for yourself and see!

Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga Vs Bikram™ Yoga

Bikram Yoga and Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga are extremely different in almost every way. The only similarity between the two systems relates are similar because they both use heated rooms. However even in this respect they are different as Bikram Yoga uses 105 degrees while Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga utilizes a room of 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Another major difference is the sequence itself, as Bikram Yoga uses a sequence of mostly standing poses repeated twice, whileFred Busch Hot Power Yoga employs a sequence that focuses on all muscle groups and includes arm strength poses, core strength postures, as well as the all-valuable inversions. Also Fred Busch Hot Yoga ends with final relaxation and meditation unlike Bikram.

What does your training emphasize? What makes the Fred Busch Teacher Training programs unique?

Several things make the Fred Busch Teacher Trainings different and possible better than the rest!  Firstly is the faculty! Fred is widely considered one of the top trainers of yoga teachers in the world while his partners, Luana, Laurie, Silvina, Ana are all equally amazing Yoginis and support the curriculum with their integrity and excellence!

Another valuable aspect of our training is that we utilize and extremely comprehensive curriculum based on a daily syllabus ranging from Yoga Asana, Alignment, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Massage, Raw and Vegan Nutrition, Principals of Wellness, and much, much more!

Since we only are able to teach others what we know ourselves, this program is firstly designed to train how to do yoga poses, pranayama, and how to meditate.   Fred Busch will be helping all students personally reach their potential within the context of safety and intelligence.

Teaching Techniques and the technical skills behind teaching a great yoga class are major focuses always. From the very first day of the program, students are practicing to teach yoga in both group and private settings. Fred Busch’s connection to Krishnamacarya’s lineage forged in him the understanding that the most important skill for future teachers is to be able to analyze student’s bodies and identify student’s individual requirements.

And Yoga Therapy and Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers is also emphasized with specific sections of the training dedicated to how to prevent injuries, heal injuries, and recover lost strength and range of motion using what we call Fred Busch Healing Sequences.

Food and Nutrition is big part of the Training too!  Fred and his team will be teaching you lots about reasons to eat more intelligently and how food relates to our Yoga practice…physically, mentally and spiritually.

Who is this Teacher Training Designed for?

Learning Yoga deeper and taking your practice to the next level is the foundation of this training.   This is the most important first step for everybody whether or not there is intention to be a professional yoga instructor.   In addition to the focus on personal development and personal practice, this training is specifically designed to deliver all the skills to become a world class professional yoga teacher. Fred Busch’s graduates are leaders in their community and express his teachings of safety and spirituality in their classes.

Fred is fond of saying, “ I don’t really want to train yoga teachers, I want to train Yogis that simply teach the practice that they love and that they DO everyday!”


What am I certified to teach after the Training?

This training is certified with Yoga Alliance with accreditation to teach Power Yoga, Hot Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga, and Hot Power Yoga.

 Are there Exams?

Our Teacher Training programs have two different types of exams. The first is a Practical Exam whereby each student teaches to the entire group for a length of time. There is also a Written Exam at the end of the training covering the main principals of the training.  Students are well prepared before both exams and there are mechanisms for retaking the exam should students not pass the first time.

What certifications are offered?

 Fred Busch Yoga Teacher Trainings offer 200 Hour Yoga Alliance, 300 Hour Yoga Alliance, and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certifications. The 200 Hour Program is available to everyone while the 300 Hour Program is available only to those who already have graduated from a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Program.

 Applying to the 200 Hour Program

What are the prerequisites and how do I Apply for 200 Hour Program?

There area no specific physical prerequisites for applying to the Fred Busch Power Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. This program teaches everything that is required to know and does not assume a working knowledge of any of the subjects presented. The 200 Hour program is conducted by Fred Busch personally and his Master Partners in various locations worldwide. To apply contact or apply directly at the location.


Curriculum of 200 Hour Teacher Training

Intro to Yoga and Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali

Fred Buschʼs Healing Sequences for Power Yoga

Arm Balances and Intermediate Poses

5 Koshas (Sheaths)

Learning to Self Practice- Opening Sequence, Sun A, Sun B

The 4 Paths and the 8 Limbs (Ashtanga) of Yoga

Alignment and Structural Integrity in Asana

Yoga Anatomy – Bones, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles, Fascia

The Famous Fred Busch Food 101 Talk

Chakras Workshop

Inversions and Backbending

Sanskrit Alphabet

Massage Therapy for Yoga Teachers

Chanting Sanskrit Mantras

Pranayama, Meditation, Mala Beads

Teaching Techniques

Pranayama Comprehensive Workshop

Prenatal Yoga

Variations and Cues for Power Yoga

Benefits and Contra-Indications in Yoga Asana

Teaching Privates

Applying to the 500 Hour Program


What are requirements and how do I apply for 500 Hour Program?

 500 Hour – Module  Raja Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living

21 Day Intensive Raja Yoga and Conscious Living Teacher Training with Fred Busch and Luana Hervier. This is a program focused almost exclusively on Meditation and Raja Yoga. Working systematically through the most powerful translations Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limb Ashtanga Yoga Path, students will learn the real Yogic Techniques of Meditation. In addition to the focus on Meditation and Samadhi, this training will also develop personal practice of Asana, as well as have modules on Conscious Living and Health Coaching.

 The following is a sample few days of the 20 day curriculum so you get a sense of the scope of this program:

Day 4
0900-1000 Asana Self-Practice
1000-1030 Advanced Adjustments Practice
1030-1115 Pranayama and Meditation
1115-11:30 Break
1130-1245 Lecture 1
1245-1400 Lecture 2
1400-1430 Break
1430-1600 Yoga Sutras

Class Objectives
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 7 – PRATYAHARA
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 8 – PRATYAHARA WITH 7 CHAKRAS
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 9 – YOGANIDRA
Yoga Sutras 1.30-1.32 – Obstacles and Solutions
Yoga Sutras 1.33-1.39 -Stabilizing and Cleansing Mind
Yoga Sutras 1.40-1.51 – Results of Stabilizing
Principles of Sitting Position
Power vs Force and David Hawkins Discussion

Required Reading
Fundamentals of Yoga – Chapters 7,8,9
Power vs Force – Chapters 7 and 8

Day 5
0900-1000 Asana Self-Practice
1000-1030 Advanced Adjustments Practice
1030-1115 Pranayama and Meditation
1115-11:30 Break
1130-1245 Lecture 1
1245-1400 Lecture 2
1400-1430 Break
1430-1600 Yoga Sutras

Class Objectives
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 10 – METHODS FOR STATE OF YOGANIDRA
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 11 – COMBINED POWER OF TRATAKAM
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 12 – TECHNIQUES TO MAGNETIZE THE BODY
Yoga Sutras 2.1-2.9 – Minimizing Gross Coloring
Yoga Sutras 2.10-2.11 – Dealing with Subtle Thoughts
Yoga Sutras 2.12-2.25 – Breaking Through the Alliance of Karma

Required Reading
Fundamentals of Yoga – Chapters 10,11,12
Power vs Force Chapter 9

Vocabulary Words

Day 8
0900-1000 Asana Self-Practice
1000-1030 Advanced Adjustments Practice
1030-1115 Pranayama and Meditation
1115-11:30 Break
1130-1245 Lecture 1
1245-1400 Lecture 2
1400-1430 Break

Class Objectives
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 19 – AWAKEN YOUR KUNDALINI
Fundamentals of Yoga Chapter 20 – HEAL YOURSELF BY OWN HORMONES
Yoga Sutras 3.1-3.3 -Dharana, Dhyaana, Samadhi
Yoga Sutras 3.4-3.6 -Samyamah
Yoga Sutras 3.7-3.8 -Internal Practices

Required Reading
Fundamentals of Yoga – Chapters 19 and 20
Power vs Force – Chapters 13 and 14
Vocabulary Words
Kundalini Path
Kundalini Shakti
Medulla Oblongata



Hey Fred,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write you. I have been struggling with writing something that is useful; but, that is also consistent with my more intimate thoughts. Candidly, you truly are a masterful yoga Guru. As I practice and learn more, I understand and appreciate (to a small but greater extent) why you do things the way that you do. I have tried quite a few practices and its rarely even close (although I did think that Dharma Mittra was incredible). I also feel that you do a great job integrating the fundamental ideologies of yoga to our contemporary society (which is not easy since, for example, most of us are probably not willing to detach from all material possessions and wander around the countryside). In addition, I’m really am impressed that you encourage students to become self actualized rather that preaching. Surely, this is really the only effective path to any sort of self improvement. The practice has helped me become so much more happy and emotionally stable. I am profoundly changed. I’m happy and I don’t think that I was before. In many ways I think of my life before yoga, and after yoga. I have gone through things without much trouble all that nearly caused me to have breakdown a number of years earlier. So, really and truly…THANK YOU. I know that it is not easy to teach day in and day out. Your work is important. Please keep doing what you’re doing!


Dear Fred,

I could go on and on and on about how amazing my life is, but I know you are busy. I am so blessed to have been led to you and my heart overflows with gratitude for everything I have learned as a result of your beautiful wisdom.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky R.


Fred, your presence is with me in ALL my classes. Constantly reminding my students about elbows in, belly engaged and bend those knees!! Lol. Just to name a few. Both my 200/500 hour manuals are like bibles of yoga! Your support thru training and after have been invaluable.. Forever grateful in my heart.

Angel S.


“Thank You Fred! Thank You! Thank You!!! Amazing training! Amazing Teacher! Amazing Yoga! It was intense and i have learned so much!   With Gratitude”

Celine D.


“I have searched and searched a Yoga Teacher Training that I would feel that I could connect myself with teachers and the content of the program prior to submission of my application. Then I found Fred’s YTT. I watched his interviews and read his bio… I knew immediately THIS IS IT!”

Mariko H.

“I am suggesting as many people as i can your next teacher trainining 2014. YOU ARE AN AWESOME TEACHER and PERSON!! Love and tones of good vibes!”

Sandra H.

Hi Fred! I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for changing my life. I apologize for not sending this sooner. Because of your wonderful yoga teacher training program I am aligned with my purpose here on Earth. I have been exposed this beautiful massive new world that I never knew existed. The more I learn, the more that I find there is to learn. Far from being overwhelmed, for the first time in my life I am truly empowered and I see clearly the direction I need to go in. I am turning my family’s health around by leading them through example to eat properly and increase their activity levels. My father (severe type 2 diabetic) now eats salads everyday for lunch, is losing weight, and stabilizing his blood sugar. Also a huge step, my mother no longer keeps white bread in the house and she eats raw almonds for a snack at work. Those are just a couple of instances where I have influenced others to love themselves more and to be more mindful about their health.

Claire Y.

Dear Fred,

Thank you so much! All i can say is that I feel so blessed …. so EQUIPPED for the world..every tool every emotion…every style of thinking…you have shared so much wisdom and so many things i have thought in the past you have confirmed and gave me the tools and the path to get wherever i am going Every day i am feeling so must joy and am so happy to wake up and come in to school! Every day is beautiful now and i am so thankful!

Betsy M.


For all programs feel free to contact Fred Busch directly at for an application or information.  For programs in Panama, Dominican Republic, Aruba and Venezuala please contact Fred or Laurie Albarran