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Fred Busch Power Yoga Teacher Trainings 2012/2013

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Yoga Teacher Training Europe- Yoga Alliance Certification Malta

Hot Yoga Instructor Course and Vinyasa Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch in Malta Europe

– Hot Power Yoga Teaching Techniques and Correct pronunciation of Asana names
– The Thepapeutic Nature of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Hot Yoga
– Power Yoga and Pregnancy  – Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal Yoga
– Menstural and Woman’s Issues
– How to handle injury with Hot Power Yoga with focus on proper Skeletal Alignment (Iyengar Based)
– How to use Props and Correct Sequences for Groups
– How to teach Power Yoga Privates with Props
– Teaching Restorative Yoga and Advanced Yin Practices
– Intro to Yoga and Yoga Philosophy
– Healing with Yoga
– Arm Balances in Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga and Intermediate Poses
– Inversions and Backbending
– Variations and Cues for Yoga
– Teaching Privates
– Pranayama, Meditation, Mala Beads
– Hot Yoga Teacher Training Teaching Techniques


Introduction to select Mantras, practice of Yoga Meditation, and discovery of key elements in the Yoga of sound.
Reading the Devanagari and Transliteration script.
Light homework exercises support the course material.
“Level 1 is An Introduction to Sanskrit and teaches students how sound can become a doorway to freedom, through light and awareness.” ~ Manorama

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“This is really the best yoga seminar/training I’ve ever attended – the greatest Teacher, all amazing people in the group, beautiful place there and atmosphere, and exactly what I needed to know, learn and experience at this stage of life – the information and insights you provide is just precious. So happy I’ve joined! See you tomorrow!”