You be the Scientist

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You be the Scientist
“Where are the studies that support this stuff?” Conduct the studies yourself. Collaborate with your body and realize the truth as you experiment and experience.

Often time the expression of “you will find out for yourself,” is presented in a threatening context with the subtext that you do not want to find out because it is bad.

In the way I say, “ you will find out for yourself,” I am explaining that Rejoice! Congratulations, you will find out for yourself what it feels like to feel great. It is recognition that since this is a process for which we know, it is a matter of time, and you WILL find out for yourself! This way you do not have to take anybody’s word for what is health or what to eat!

Everything that there is to know in the world, we only really know if it is our own experience. If it is not our own experience we need to take someone’s word for it and this is a secondhand, unreliable knowledge. So I invite you to undertake a change in lifestyle so that you can find out for yourself truly, what feeling great feels like.

The best way to do this is to consider yourself a scientist in wish you objectively wish to evaluate the effects of foods on your overall feeling and vitality. Without judgment observe with great detail what you eat, in very great detail, and then observe both your bowel movement regularity and your level of congestion. Then slowly and over a chosen course of time, begin to experiment with eating an entire day of RAW food. Just one day, eat only as much RAW food as you want and then go to sleep. Be sensitive to the functioning of the body in a way that you have not before.

There are no coincidences, and every bite full and every negative emotion or every pain in the abdomen can be connected. So just begin to be a scientist and track the evolution of your diet with the subtle but serious changes in your over all well-being.

In this case we mean be a real scientist, the scientist who actually follows the scientific method of true objectivity without bias. There is no judgment or vested interest in the outcome, just explore the potential of your body to evolve toward health and away from stagnation and disease. We are often bombarded with “scientific studies” that have “findings” or the like and then they proceed to advertise a product. This is not an example of True Science.

True Science is utterly systematic and flawless. For example you could start by deleting those items that are most dangerous entirely for a month and then see how you feel. That is a good way to start, of course also starting at the same time to eat as much fruit as you can enjoy with savor. Eat only fruit in the morning for two months or something like that and then check in with how you are functioning on all levels. We must be systematic if we want success. Just like Astanga Yoga, the key to the approach of dietary evolution involves systematic practice without wavering for the sake of the knowledge with which it will uncover.